Trump Election “Market Panic” Falls FLAT – Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes At ‘ALL TIME HIGH’ [VIDEO]

Trump Election “Market Panic” Falls FLAT – Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes At ‘ALL TIME HIGH’ [VIDEO]

So much for the doom that was predicted for the markets if Trump was elected. As I watched Donald Trump make history and become our 45th President, the markets tanked during the election. They fell over 850 points on the Dow. On the Nasdaq and S&P 500, it got so bad they stopped trading. But yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial closed at an all time high. That panic the Left ginned up never materialized.

The drop on election night was due to the fear of uncertainty. Now that the markets know who will be President and have some idea of how Trump will proceed, they are off to the races again. Warning… we are in an historic bubble. When it does crash, it will be epic and it will happen during Trump’s presidency. But it is something that was already baked in because of our debt, which will be over $20 Trillion when Trump takes office, not including non-funded entitlements. It will also be because of recklessly printing money and suppressing interest rates.


From Breitbart:

So much for the “panic” that was supposed to engulf the stock market after Donald Trump’s surprising victory in the 2016 presidential race. On Wednesday, just a few hours after Hillary Clinton finally offered her public concession, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed with an all-time high.

There was market turbulence on Election Eve, to be sure. As midnight approached on Tuesday, Dow futures dropped almost 900 points, S&P 500 futures were down over 97 points, and the U.S. dollar slumped by 3 percent.

It seems clear now that much of this alleged market panic was merely the market adjusting to surprising news — it seems safe to say that not many people in New York City or Washington D.C. saw Trump’s late-night surge at the ballot box coming. Also, there was probably some apprehension that the election might not be settled on Tuesday night, with visions of dangling chads from 2000 dancing in the heads of traders.

The market jumped 500 points yesterday over Trump winning the race. They are hopeful he will reduce taxes and regulations. I am too, although I am still very wary on that. Trump intends to dump $1 Trillion into infrastructure. We don’t have the money for that and it is the wrong way to go. Instead, it should be privatized and let the market take its course. Trump is making early moves to follow the New Deal concepts that FDR put forth – they failed and hurt America immensely.

Analysts were quoted as saying that Trump’s statesmanlike victory speech was a factor in restoring market confidence and dispelling fears that excessively “protectionist” measures would be swiftly imposed. Others noted how fears of a post-Brexit market crash proved to be greatly overblown. The world did not end with Trump being elected as many Leftists feared. If he makes the right moves, he can save America economically. And that is what we have to hope for here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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