Trump Endorses Radical Open Borders RINO Renee Ellmers

by Dave Blount | June 6, 2016 2:18 pm

Remember when the whole point of Donald Trump was that he would supposedly do something about illegal immigration? After all his hedging, no one is taking that very seriously anymore, least of all Trump himself — as his endorsement of radical open borders RINO Renee Ellmers makes clear:

Trump has inserted himself into one of the most contentious House primaries in the country this weekend, endorsing GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers in her member-versus-member race in North Carolina.

Trump makes a personal appeal to voters to back Ellmers in a robocall released Saturday. She was “the first congresswoman to endorse me and she really was terrific and boy, is she a fighter,” Trump says in the call. It is the first time this election that Trump has picked sides in a congressional race.

Conservatives are less enthusiastic about Ellmers’s candidacy:

Powerful conservative groups like Americans for Prosperity and the Club for Growth have been working against Ellmers for weeks, running critical television and digital ads and sending canvassers door-to-door. Ellmers has also lost favor with anti-abortions groups that once backed her.

So much for Trump shaking up Washington by standing up to the RINOs. Trump himself is the ultimate RINO, a Code Pink moonbat who switched his affiliation from Democrat just a few years ago and who has changed some of his rhetoric but none of his spots.

Why is he making his insincerity obvious by endorsing Ellmers, when there are so many worthier candidates he has refused to lift a finger to help? He tells us why right in the robocall: because she was the first in Congress irresponsible enough to endorse him. Loyalty to Trump is the only relevant qualification in this absurd cult of personality.

Here’s how Daniel Horowitz describes Ellmers:

Oh, she’s a fighter all right – a fighter for the Boehner K Street political elites. There is perhaps no sitting member who embodies the source of anger among Republican voters – the anger that has engendered the rise of Trump in the first place – more than Renee Ellmers. After she was elected as a “Tea Party conservative” in 2010, she immediately became one of the most loyal foots soldiers for Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy and has done more to fight the conservative grassroots on immigration that any sitting House member.

Check out her CR profile here, and you will discover a more extensive liberal rap sheet than almost any sitting Republican congressman. Whether it’s opposing her state’s marriage amendment, fighting against pro-life legislation, or voting to support Obama’s amnesty even for convicted child molesters, Ellmers was always with the far-left.

Regarding the Conservative Review profile he mentions, Ellmers receives a Liberty Score of F. Eager to suck up to whomever is on top, unhindered by any trace of principles, she is definitely Trump’s kind of congresscritter. His administration would crawl with obsequious hacks like Renee Ellmers.

Ellmers and Trump pucker up for each other.

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