Trump Expands Campaign Slogan Amid Claims Of Racism [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 11, 2016 10:35 am

Seriously?[1] In a speech that Trump gave in Richmond, Virginia… Trump referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas, not Fauxcahontas. This was a speech where he was declaring how he was the least racist person ever to walk the earth and then he turned around in the same breath and did something that can certainly be taken as racist by the left. Just freaking brilliant. Trump expanded his slogan from “Make America Great Again!” to “Make America Great Again for Everyone!”, so he could be seen as inclusive and not racist. He appeared in a stadium[2] that seats 11,992. Barely 2,000 showed up for the speech. The nation is burning down around us and Trump is fixated on his slogan. Just perfect.

Donald Trump[3]

From BizPac Review:

Donald Trump has tweaked his slogan in response to the left’s barrage of attacks painting him as a racist.

“You know, I have the theme ‘make America great again,’ and I’ve added a couple of things,” he told the crowd at a rally in Richmond on Friday. “Right now I’m adding make America great again — I’m adding ‘for everyone,’ because it’s really going to be for everyone. It’s not going to be for a group of people, it’s going to be for everyone. It’s true.”

Trump cited the high unemployment rates for Hispanics and black people and said he was going to “make it for everyone.”

“I am the least racist person. The least racist person that you’ve ever seen. I mean give me a break,” he said. “I am the least racist person that you’ve ever looked at, believe me.”

Per The Right Scoop[4], Katrina Pierson believes that the online accounts of white supremacists attacking Jews, Muslims and Mexicans who don’t worship Trump enough are actually just robots who are faking their love of The Donald. No, Trump does seem to have an issue with hard core racists. I don’t believe he is one, but I also don’t think he is bothering to distance himself from them. He says he’s expanding his slogan to show how he will create jobs for everyone, but I still haven’t heard how yet. Just that everything he says ‘is true’ and ‘great’. All of this was to do with damage control over his comments about a Mexican-American judge. Pulling a talking point from Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, Trump cited high unemployment rates among African-American youth and Hispanics. He plays to his given audience and tells them whatever he thinks they want to hear. He’s playing people. Just sickening.

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