Trump Jr. Supports Gun Silencers, Leftists In Massive Meltdown [VIDEO]

Trump Jr. Supports Gun Silencers, Leftists In Massive Meltdown [VIDEO]

Due to the shooting rampage that took place in the Ft. Lauderdale airport this past week, leftists were probably hoping to further their gun control and eventual ban. But Donald Trump Jr. opted to just flip them the bird and added to the freedom call by displaying his pro-suppressor (silencer) side!


The federal government has rigorously attempted and succeeded in limiting the sale of firearm silencers for as long as hot-shot action stars have used them to shoot the bad guys between the eyes.

Now the gun industry, which for decades has fought against the heavy hand of restrictions, is working towards new legislation to make silencers easier to obtain legally and a key supporter in this push is Donald Trump Jr., an avid hunter and also the eldest son of the president-elect, who has shown himself to be a friend of the gun-industry.

The legislation was introduced and was stalled in Congress last year. But with Republicans in charge of the House and Senate and the incoming president moving into the White House, gun rights proponents are optimistic about the 2nd Amendment’s prospects this year.

This is a push that I can wholeheartedly throw my support behind. Any stripping away of federal regulations is more than welcomed in my home. But it won’t be easy…just take a look at all the ‘haters’ (to use a stupid lefty term) of the pro-gun legislation.

Firearm suppressors, informally and inaccurately called “silencers,” are basic safety equipment when operating a gun, as their use keeps both hearing damage to a minimum and cuts down the noise pollution at firing ranges. Due to a segment of federal law called the National Firearms Act, their ownership has been all but criminalized.

I think it’s time we changed that stigma.

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