Trump Jr. wrecks Warren, gives wicked response to her GOP hating Tweet

What a flaming hypocrite Elizabeth Warren is and so atypical of the Democratic Party in its current state. She tweeted out her joy at the Obamcare replacement bill being pulled by the GOP at the last minute. But it was what she tweeted after that that makes blood shoot out of your eyes. “But I’m not doing a touchdown dance today. Not when the GOP is still hell-bent on rigging the system for the rich & powerful.” This from a woman who is easily in the 1% of Americans in terms of wealth, yet she has the gall to say the Republicans are shilling for the wealthy and powerful. Where’s your ‘fair share’ Warren? Nowhere, because her rhetoric applies to Republicans and the common man, not to uber wealthy elitist Democrats like herself.

In reply to Warren’s tweet about the “rich & powerful,” Trump Jr. said: “Ha, you mean like someone who was paid almost $500,000.00 to “teach” one class a semester at Harvard?” He added the hashtag “#DoAsISayNotAsIDo.” Oh snap! What a freaking awesome response and right on target. Because Warren was paid a cool $430,000 at Harvard for teaching one semester of bankruptcy law. Of course, that’s what she taught. How apropos.

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From TheBlaze:

Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, ridiculed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Twitter Saturday for what he believed was a hypocritical tweet.

Following the GOP’s decision to pull their Obamacare replacement bill within minutes of a scheduled full House vote Friday afternoon, Warren tweeted: “Today is a great day for the people of Massachusetts & people across the country who depend on the Affordable Care Act.”

She added: “But I’m not doing a touchdown dance today. Not when the GOP is still hell-bent on rigging the system for the rich & powerful.”

The second tweet is where Trump Jr. found the hypocrisy, particularly Warren’s accusation that Republicans are “hell-bent on rigging the system for the rich & powerful.”

Warren, according to financial disclosure forms that lawmakers are required to file, has a net worth that puts her in the top 1 percent of Americans in terms of wealth. This despite the fact that she and her colleagues regularly slam rich Americans for being too “rich and powerful” and not paying their “fair share.”

In fact, she was even paid a massive salary by Harvard in 2010 — a whopping $430,000 — to teach a bankruptcy law class. Those facts are what Trump Jr. ripped Warren for.

Warren deserved that burn from Donald Trump Jr. This is a woman who lies about everything she opens her pie hole over and has no compunction about doing so. And you can tell that the tweet royally pissed liberals off. They can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump Jr. runs circles around them in the brains department. Even commie Bernie Sanders made fun of Warren over this.

Twitter savaged Warren over her hypocrisy… it was epic. Many pointed out that she and Democrats did exactly what she is accusing the Republicans of. And this is who the Democrats see as their great white hope in 2020. Take a moment to save the sheer insanity of that.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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