Trump Just Revealed MAJOR Clue About Plans For Iran Deal, Some May Not Like This… [AUDIO]

Trump Just Revealed MAJOR Clue About Plans For Iran Deal, Some May Not Like This… [AUDIO]

I’m willing to see what Trump does on the Iran deal, but the whispers I am hearing are not good. I already knew that despite what everyone else was saying, he would not tear up the agreement. That is what he should do… as every other move will be a losing one. But remember this, what I’m reporting here is second hand from the mainstream media. It is most likely skewed and maybe untrue. Even so, we should pay attention to it, because if it is true, there is real trouble ahead for all of us.

The Iranians will keep violating the agreement right up until they hit us with nukes. Count on it. Plus, they are actively attacking our ships and they are in Syria with the Russians. Diplomacy is not going to cut it here, no matter what Trump does or doesn’t do. What that is exactly, is certainly not clear. You hear one thing one day and something else the next.


From ABC News:

Donald Trump isn’t going to rip up the Iran nuclear deal on day one as president, but his vows to renegotiate the terms and increase enforcement could imperil an agreement that has put off the threat of Tehran developing atomic weapons. Emboldened Republican lawmakers are already considering ways to test Iran’s resolve to live up to the deal.

As a candidate, Trump issued a variety of statements about last year’s pact. He called it “stupid,” a “lopsided disgrace” and the “worst deal ever negotiated,” railing against its time-limited restrictions on Iran’s enrichment of uranium and other nuclear activity, and exaggerating the scale of U.S. concessions.

Trump said that he doesn’t want to simply tear up the agreement. Instead, he spoke of reopening the diplomacy and declared that unlike President Barack Obama’s diplomats, he would have been prepared to walk away from talks.

Walid Phares, one of Trump’s top foreign policy advisers, has implied that Trump might not move the US Embassy to Jerusalem immediately and indicated he would make negotiating an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal a priority right off the bat. Many Jews took Trump at his word when he said he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. This will not make them happy at all. And exactly how many presidents have to fail at those damned Palestinian peace talks before we drop them and face reality?

Speaking to BBC Radio on Thursday, Walid Phares said the nuclear deal, which Trump has railed against and vowed to dismantle, would instead be renegotiated with Tehran. “Ripping up is maybe a too strong of word, he’s gonna take that agreement, it’s been done before in international context, and then review it,” he said, according to a CNN recording of the interview. I don’t even know what that means and I’m more confused than ever. Not to mention there are others in Trump’s camp saying the exact opposite. And frankly, working with the Russians is a fatal mistake… I hope he does not do that.

Regardless of the confusion and uncertainty, Trump is going to be far better in this arena than Obama, I would wager. But it would be nice to sooner, rather than later, know his approach on things such as the Iranian deal and the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem. I’ll withhold judgement until I see what President Trump actually does.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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