Trump Kicks Koch Brother Off Golf Course – You’ll Love the Reason Why

Trump Kicks Koch Brother Off Golf Course – You’ll Love the Reason Why

I wrote on this a couple of days ago, but I was unaware the Koch brothers were involved in this. Harry Hurt III, who authored the 1993 book, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, inappropriately approached President-elect Donald Trump on Trump’s golf course. At the time, I saw this as a breach of protocol and a security issue… I still do. Trump told Hurt that his presence was inappropriate and that he needed to leave. He was the guest of one of the Koch brothers, so they both were forced to leave. The media spun it as petty. I do not see it that way in the least.

First off, Hurt is the sleaze that wrote an unofficial biography of Trump ten years ago. In that book, he recounted that Ivana Trump accused her ex-husband of “raping” her in a sworn deposition during their divorce. When Ivana was asked about this during Trump’s campaign, she said it was totally without merit and that she is the best of friends with Donald Trump and they raised three wonderful children together. If someone printed vicious lies about you, would you want them on your golf course or coming up to you to shake your hand? I wouldn’t. Now, Trump did similar things against Ted Cruz which weren’t okay… but this isn’t okay either and Trump was in the right concerning what he did. The media would tell you otherwise, but that is just par for the course with them.


From Breitbart:

President-elect Donald Trump told a critical biographer and guest of billionaire David Koch to leave his West Palm Beach golf course on New Year’s Eve, forcing Koch to leave with him.

Trump’s gesture was another slight against the pro-amnesty, pro-“free trade” billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who opposed Trump during the Republican primary season and refused to help him during the general election. It also signals Trump will not necessarily play nice with the GOP political establishment and Beltway right.

The Kochs swooped in during the Tea Party revolt in 2010, training amateur political activists and trying to channel populist energy against the Obama administration into supporting the progressive-business alliance that wanted more cheap labor and lesser sentences for drug traffickers, under the umbrella term of “smaller government.”

But the “grassroots army… was not controllable,” as one former Koch staffer lamented, and the Kochs appeared curiously unwilling to make any concessions to Americans who wanted populist, nationalist policies, and relief from the relentlessly eroding forces of mass immigration and globalization. A majority of voters— some of whom saw more demographic change take place in their communities than many countries saw in a millennia—want immigration slashed in half or reduced to zero. Trump captured that energy and it propelled him to the White House, much to the Kochs’ and their network’s chagrin.

As far as the Koch brothers go, I have never had much use for them. They are pro-Amnesty and open borders. They are the very definition of globalist. They are very Progressive in their political views. What really killed it for me though was when they joined hands with Van Jones on an endeavor to empty our prisons. That tore it for me… so no, I’m not a fan of them and I’m happy to see President-elect Trump tell them to stuff it.

These are the same asshats who tried to buy off and control the Tea Party and couldn’t do it. I suspect they were somewhere behind the demise of the movement, but I have no proof of that. It’s just my gut. The Koch brothers thought about giving money to Trump, but they couldn’t control him. Trump doesn’t need their money or influence. He’s beyond that which is a very good thing. If they think another golf course is so great, then by all means go there from now on and leave Trump out of your web spinning. He can’t be bought and he can’t be bullied… Trump brings a whole lack of strings attached to the White House on January 20th. I find that refreshing.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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