Trump Laid Flowers on a Grave in Arlington. The Hero He Honored Hit Close to Home

The first Memorial Day of his Presidency, Donald Trump honored the memories of fallen soldiers in a solemn ceremony. One of the soldiers he honored, however, will bring a tear to your eye.

Even if you don’t like Trump’s politics, you have to admit that this is a classy move that truly embodies the reason for this day.

Trump visited Arlington Cemetery to honor the fallen, giving a speech on national security and participating in the wreath-laying ceremony.

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During the visit, President Trump and Vice President Pence detoured to Section 60 where a very special soldier was laid to rest after giving everything in defense of his country.

The grave was marked ‘Marine Corps Second Lt. Robert Kelly.’ This is the final resting place of the son of Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Both the President and Vice President laid flowers at the grave as Kelly looked on.

An Independent Journal Review reporter recently wrote a piece about the DHS Secretary:

Retired General John Kelly put his life on the line for the American people for nearly four decades in the U.S. Marine Corps.

But Kelly, now serving in the Trump administration as Homeland Security Secretary, doesn’t just know service — he also knows sacrifice of the greatest measure: in 2010, 1st Lieutenant Robert Michael Kelly, his 29-year-old son, was killed in Sangin, Afghanistan on a patrol.

Just four days later, Kelly gave a eulogy for two other Marines who were killed as they attempted to stop a suicide bomber from driving a truck into their compound.

It’s good to know that our President is so thoughtful and kind as to honor the fallen soldiers and especially those belonging to his cabinet members. It does the heart good knowing that someone like that is in charge of our country. Knowing that he’s the Commander in Chief should put everyone’s minds at ease.

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