Trump May Have Won, But Liberals Have a Plan to Stop Him From Becoming President

Trump May Have Won, But Liberals Have a Plan to Stop Him From Becoming President

The Left is so desperate it’s pathetic. They are simply delusional. Predictably, they are now going after the Electoral College. Their aim is to get between ten and thirty-seven Republicans to turn on Donald Trump, so the election can be handed to Hillary Clinton. They wouldn’t even get one. The Republicans are now solidly behind Trump and they are not going to turn on him for a Marxist crook.

They are claiming here that the Electoral College is a fail safe… it is meant to stop someone who is not qualified to be President. But who are they to say that Trump is not qualified? It is more of a cogent argument to say Hillary Clinton is not qualified because she is guilty of multiple crimes and failed to carry out her duty over Benghazi. To be qualified is subjective and the people have spoken here. Deal with it. Nice touch quoting Alexander Hamilton.


From The Huffington Post:

Trump can still be stopped. The Founding Fathers foresaw just this catastrophe, and built a fail-safe into the Constitution. It’s called the Electoral College. Alexander Hamilton was explicit: this mechanism was designed to ensure that “the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” In short, it was designed to prevent just this situation: the rise of an unqualified demagogue like Donald Trump.

You can make it do what it was meant to do.

The requirement here is modest: a small group of Republican electors must be persuaded to vote their conscience. No question that many of these are appalled at the prospect of a Trump presidency; surely a few are courageous enough to cast a vote for someone else. (Most if not all would vote for another Republican, of course; it doesn’t seem likely that many would choose Hillary Clinton.) Depending upon how current recounts turn out, somewhere between a minimum of ten and a maximum of thirty-seven electors would have to defect in order to bring Trump’s count down to less than 270.

Even if such a ridiculous move succeeded, the vote goes back to a Republican House who would surely pick Donald Trump as the President. All it would do is waste time and be embarrassing. I love how Leftists are now quoting the Constitution and our Founding Fathers when it suits them. Before Trump was elected, they wanted to do away with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and rewrite them. Now, they stand on them. Hypocrites much?

This line is just jaw-dropping: “So, embrace decency. It’s not just a civic duty; it’s a moral duty. It is a categorical imperative.” Subjective morality… they don’t even know what the word means. And then there is this: “Occupy the Constitution. The alternative is unthinkable.” That statement shows how little they indeed know about Constitutional rights. Morons.

The election isn’t over, under our Constitution, until the designated electors of the Electoral College meet on December 19th at their state capitals to cast their votes and then, on January 6th, Congress meets to affirm that result. Trump will be confirmed. Then look for the Left to start lawsuits against him being sworn in as President. It won’t work, but it’s what Marxists do. The last resort is lawfare.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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