Trump Is Now Playing The “I Could Lose Because The Election Is Rigged” Game

by William Teach | August 2, 2016 6:57 am

It’s really not a good thing when a candidate is signaling that he’ll lose at just under 100 days to the general election

Did you catch that?

(Politico[1]) Donald Trump empathized with Bernie Sanders supporters on Monday, saying the Vermont senator lost the Democratic primary because the election was rigged, and said he feared the general election would be rigged as well.

“First of all, it’s rigged and I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, to be honest. I have to be honest because I think my side was rigged,” Trump said at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio.

Is the election rigged? Well, you can say it’s “rigged” in terms of knowing that the majority of the media will do all they can to portray Trump negatively. Even when he is not making unforced errors. When he’s not throwing the ball into triple coverage. When he’s passing the puck back to the goalie who’s already left the net. But, is it really rigged? No. Who’s going to rig it? This isn’t like the DNC where the party big shots made sure Hillary was the nominee, and the emails showed it.

Duane Patterson[2] notes

Now I have long stated that I don’t think the outcome of the election this fall is in much doubt. Hillary could technically find a way to lose, and events could happen that cause the electorate to turn Trump’s direction, but the Trump campaign itself is just not taking the steps and staying disciplined enough on message to be a viable, winning campaign against the Democrats in November. This clip is just the latest example of that lack of messaging.

If you’re still 95 days out from the election, can someone please explain to me how justifying you’re impending loss is a winning strategy? Does he, or anyone else really believe that a ‘vote for me to stick it to the media and the establishment’ message counts as a reason, and at this point, really about the only reason, to vote for a candidate?

It seems that Trump is working to shrink his electoral wins map, rather than expanding it. If you want just one reason to vote Trump, it’s the Supreme Court. Hugh Hewitt[3], who’s been very much been against Trump, explains. To go with this, lower federal court appointees. But, Trump is making it oh so hard to think voting for him even matters, when he makes huge mistakes, and then starts in on conspiracy theories.

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