Trump is OK with safe spaces, but only this particular kind

Trump is OK with safe spaces, but only this particular kind

In a stunning move to appeal to liberals, Donald Trump is reportedly OK with safe spaces. However, it’s not the kind you see with therapy dogs, play-doh, cry-ins and liberals wiping each other’s tears with GOP funded tissues.

Not even close. This is the kind of safe space everyone will enjoy because it won’t be in your nearest college or anywhere close to your backyard. This could be the only safe space that everyone loves. Everyone with a working brain, or course.


Federalist Papers – Trump got a strong reception from the hundreds at the Baton Rouge airport hangar.

Then he got out some of his key points, indicating he is not pivoting toward more liberal policies as some pundits predicted.

Trump said he would secure the southern border and halt the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs across the Rio Grande.

“We fight for other countries so they can have borders,” Trump told the crowd. “But we don’t fight for our own borders.”

Trump then listed his plans for reforms. He said he would cut middle-class taxes; cut the corporate tax rate; establish new ethics rules for Washington, D.C.; halt immigration from problem nations; establish “safe zones” for refugees in their home regions; and “knock out” the Islamic State.

Now that is awesome! Safe spaces for refugees in their own hometown. You mean they don’t have to come here and tear the place up, make it look like a tent city and automatically increase the levels of crime and filth? Oh, that is amazing!

Can we send all the liberal whiners there too?

How about a few crybaby Democrats who teared up when Hillary lost the election based on her own inability to be liked by everyone and a poorly ran campaign?

We could send every nonsense leftist publication to a Syrian safe space and see how they like it.

Who could we send there first?

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