Trump Pays Complete Stranger’s $1000 Bill Without A Second Thought

Trump Pays Complete Stranger’s $1000 Bill Without A Second Thought


Donald Trump is officially our president. Today he was inaugurated and took the call to lead our country. Many feel uncertain about his ability to lead our country well. His life of wealth and privilege makes people feel like he is out of touch and unable to relate with the people and help them.

Is he too high up there to help Americans though? This recent story makes a lot of people rethink their judgments. The Conservative Tribune explains:

President Donald Trump paid a woman’s $1,000 in his Trump International Hotel in Washington one day before his inauguration.

According to Fox News, President Trump met Florida resident Jenna Setticasi, who was dining at the restaurant inside his hotel Thursday night. Her bill came out to a whopping $1,000.

Apparently without even a thought, Trump picked up the entire tab, before pausing to take a photo with her friend, Michelle Rosser-Seiz.

Independent Journal Review published just a few of President Trump’s good deeds, one of which included giving Grammy-nominated singer Jennifer Hudson housing after three of her family members were murdered.

He also wrote Army Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi an enormous check to help him get his life back after he was released from a prison in Mexico.

If these are things the president does behind closed doors, imagine what he will do for the American people.

What will he do for America now that he is our president? I have hopes that he will exceed our expectations.

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