Trump Protesters Are Taking Credit For Shutting Down Rally – But Are They Celebrating Too Soon?

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 12, 2016 10:22 am

Some time ago[1], Bernie Sanders lost control of a rally to Black Lives Matter protesters. They took the mic from him. Donald Trump then said it would never happen at one of his rallies. I think this whole thing last night was to prove him wrong. One of the Black Lives Matter group tried to take the podium and the microphone and two Trump supporters wrestled him off the stage. Trump’s main error was failing to realize who his opposition is and failing to appreciate how they think. In their minds, his declaration that “it would never happen” was an open challenge and they decided to accept the gambit and make the next move in a game Trump didn’t even realize he was playing. It didn’t help that he’d previously laid a foundation of condoning a certain level of violence as a legitimate expression of frustration by his followers.

Trump Rally1[2]

From WND:

Anti-Trump agitators sparked security fears in Chicago on Friday and shut down a rally that had drawn tens-of-thousands of supporters.

Stunned fans of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump were informed at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion on Friday that activists had succeeded in derailing the event. The announcement came amid large protests both inside and outside the venue.

In the days leading up to the rally, the activist group circulated a petition demanding officials at the taxpayer-funded school cancel the Trump campaign rally. The petition collected nearly 50,000 signatures and another 10,000 Facebook users pledged to show up to disrupt the event.

“Donald Trump is running on a platform of hate and dangerous intolerance,” the petition states. “It has no place in Chicago but especially not at an institution of higher learning.”

Hours before the rally was scheduled to start, hundreds of people lined up outside the venue at the university – a magnet for minority student populations and left-wing activists.

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a onetime confidante of President Obama, was among the demonstrators in line outside the arena.

The former leader of the Weather Underground, participated in bombings of the New York City police headquarters in 1970.

Behind all of the protests, riots and violence you will find the money of George Soros, the organization of Bill Ayers and Code Pink, and the troops of La Raza, the Black Lives Matter movement, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. You’ll find the guidance and strategy of communists, such as CPUSA and others as well. It may look like a strictly racial conflict… but dig a little. It’s not. You’ll find communists and radicals behind all of this, I promise you. Regardless of how DHS defines homegrown terrorists, that’s what these are. Add that to the Bubba Effect of Trump’s followers and you have lit a fuse to a powder keg of hate. It’s going to be a long, hot summer. This will only galvanize Trump followers even more… it won’t shut them down.

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