Trump Punks Media With Claim Of “Millions Of Illegal Votes”

Trump Punks Media With Claim Of “Millions Of Illegal Votes”


The liberal leading and Democratic Party supporting news media still do not get Donald Trump. He made a big chunk of his campaign as an assault on that same media, and won. Many, including me, scoffed at the notion that the MSM was on the ballot, as so many of his supporters claimed. Well, they were. And he’s still punking them.

Surely, Trump has noted the huge number of pieces on the electoral college and the calls to do things like abolish it and/or have the electors go faithless and vote for Hillary. He’s certainly seen all the MSM article/opinion pieces on the recount in 3 states Trump won. So, he goes and drops this

Now, if we just look at that tweet, as the media surely has, we get a Typical Media Freakout

This continues all over the place within the Credentialed Media. Could Trump be correct? Probably not. But, hey, without an examination of the tallies in places like California and New York, how do we know that they didn’t have millions of illegal aliens, felons, people voting two or more times, and legal aliens voting?

This is where Trump has trolled the media, exposing their bias. Rather than wondering if there is a possibility that there could be lots of people voting who shouldn’t, they immediately jump to the types of hysterical anti-Trump headlines, and articles, that you would expect. Unless Trump had been a Democrat, then they would have been sympatico, much like all the ones on the Electoral College and attempted recounts.

But, Trump continued

Adding this in, we see that Trump most definitely understands the notion of getting rid of the Electoral College and replacing it with the popular vote. The election would be put in the hands of just a few areas. Candidates would only need to campaign in a small number of areas, rather than a large number of states. Among other issues.

We can look forward to at least 4 years of this kind of media apoplexy over everything.

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