Trump Has SCATHING Message For Cast Of ‘Hamilton’ After Their Treatment Of VP-Elect Pence! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 19, 2016 5:25 pm

I wrote on the Hamilton performance[1] earlier today. It was simply shameful. That little article got me labeled as ‘Satan’ in the comments. These people are truly confused. Oh, and did I mention pathetic. I find it the height of irony that radicals, communists and anarchists (presumably atheists) would call me Satan… considering I’m a Christian and have been one all my life.

President-elect Donald Trump took massive exception with the rude treatment of Vice President-elect Mike Pence as well and made it known on Twitter. In fact, he demanded an apology. One will never be forthcoming, but he is right. It was an honor for Pence to even attend their musical and this is how they treat the second in command of our nation. I didn’t support Trump in the election, but I swear, I’m warming to the guy by the hour because of all these asshats whining and pitching fits at every turn.


From the Independent Review Journal:

It’s an unexpectedly sad commentary on the state of society right now that VP-elect Mike Pence can’t even take in a night at the theater without a stable of literal drama queens booing and mocking him in public.

Such was the case on Friday, when the audience, and then even cast members, singled out the mild-mannered Indiana Governor for public ridicule and excoriation due in part because their preferred presidential candidate so happened to have been defeated at Trump’s hands after a divisive election season.

As was reported[3] earlier by Independent Journal Review’s Jason Howerton:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence received a hostile reception at a performance of the hip-hop-infused musical “Hamilton” in New York City on Friday night.

The Republican was booed several times by audience members during the show — and then the cast called out Pence personally from the stage.

These drama queens are being hostile anywhere conservatives go now. They’re rioting in the streets and generally acting like spoiled adult brats with a penchant for violence. I have seen the most vile things written about Trump and Pence that are simply not true and these people know it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Although, of course, shame is not in their vocabulary.

Entertainment Weekly[4] said that numerous celebrities supported Hamilton online and many spoke out against Trump for his “harassed” tweet, including Dixon himself. “Conversation is not harassment sir. And I appreciate [Mike Pence] for stopping to listen,” the Aaron Burr actor wrote in a tweet directed at Trump. Well, if celebrities say it’s so… not. We don’t give a flying crap what these actors have to say on this. Their opinion is no better than anyone else’s. And it is not a ‘conversation’ when you call a public figure like Mike Pence out in a public place and chastise him and Trump like that.

Trump has not answered the criticism, nor should he. These people aren’t worth answering. They lost the election, Trump won. Now, they can deal with it just as we dealt with Obama for eight years. Grow the hell up.








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