Trump Source Reveals Illegals Are Being Allowed To Vote! [VIDEO]

Trump Source Reveals Illegals Are Being Allowed To Vote! [VIDEO]

I have no doubt this one is true. Illegal aliens are being allowed to vote, in fact, they are being encouraged to vote, just as refugees are. It’s being facilitated nationwide.

Donald Trump stated flatly at a roundtable with the National Border Patrol Council this morning that the federal government is allowing illegal immigrants to flow into the U.S. so they can vote. He is correct that the election is being rigged to get Hillary Clinton in. I’m not a Trump supporter, but looking at the crowds that show up for Clinton vs. Trump, it’s obvious the popular vote is with Trump. Now, it’s true that the Electoral Collage makes that call, but there will be serious trouble I think if that goes against the wishes of the people this time around.

Art Del Cueto, national vice president of the union that represents Border Patrol agents, told Trump that agents have been advised not to deport illegal immigrants with criminal records, according to a pool report. I see no reason he would lie about that and it makes perfect sense given what we’ve seen Obama do so far concerning the border.


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From Gateway Pundit:

ICE officials reportedly told Donald Trump illegal aliens are being allowed to vote this year.

Cameras picked this up during a meeting Donald Trump held with ICE officials in August.

From FOX Business Network:

What you pick up in the conversation is agent from Tucson telling Donald Trump basically why are these undocumented illegals with criminal records, why aren’t they being kicked out. And why is there such a rush to give these illegals citizenship. And he says the ICE official says simply so they can vote.

Trump voiced his support for the border agents, telling them he knows how tough their job is. “But you love our country,” Trump said, adding, “You know many people are coming in with criminal records.”

Del Cueto told Trump that he has spoken to a number of agents who are in charge of processing. “And the problem that we’re seeing reflected through us as a voice is that some of these individuals that were apprehended with criminal records, they’re not, they’re checking their records, they see that they have criminal records, but they’re setting them aside because at this point they are saying immigration is so tied up with trying to get the people who are on the waiting list to hurry up and get them their immigration status corrected,” he said.

“Why? Trump asked. “So they can go ahead and vote before the election,” Del Cueto responded. Del Cueto said the government wants “to hurry up and fast track them so they can go ahead and vote in the election.”

Trump did say if Clinton won he would support her and not oppose her. Just as he said yesterday he would not attack Bill Clinton’s past.

I find the following unsavory to say the least: “I say kiddingly, but I mean it: I don’t care how sick you are. I don’t care if you just came back from the doctor and he gave you the worst possible prognosis, meaning it’s over, you won’t be around in two weeks,” Trump said. “Doesn’t matter. Hang out ‘til Nov. 8. Get out and vote. And then all we’re gonna say is we love you and we will remember you always. Get out and vote. And don’t let the other side take this election away from us because this is the last chance we get.” He put that in the most insensitive way he could, albeit true.

Trump has a point on illegals voting and the election. It’s disgraceful. Each of us will have to choose when we step in that voting booth. I still say it is a crap sandwich.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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