Trump to sue DNC for hiring violent thugs to protest his rallies [VIDEO]

Trump to sue DNC for hiring violent thugs to protest his rallies [VIDEO]

Trump is getting ready to sue the DNC for hiring “bird dogging” violent thugs to infiltrate his rallies. These leftists have also sent people to protest Trump all over the country. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas fame, is asking him to hold off. He claims he has a video that will be released tomorrow that shows Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazille both were directly involved in the action here. O’Keefe has already released two videos… the first exposed DNC and other individuals who infiltrated Trump rallies to cause violence. The second shows how the left is involved in massive voter fraud. If the third video is as damning as the first two, there will be fireworks tomorrow.

O’Keefe has been good to his word on exposing all this. He’s done tremendous work and has taken monumental risks to get it done too. I hope he nails Clinton on this. If he proves that Clinton was indeed involved and there are no consequences… election day or the day after may get very interesting here in America and not in a good way. People are angry at the injustice here and they are sick with how the Progressives have run the country into the ground. Such anger produces unrest and it never ends well.


From Young Conservatives:

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The man behind the undercover videos that show Democrats plotting to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies (and Dem. corruption in general) dropped a bomb the other day.

With pt. III in the series set to be released Monday, James O’Keefe said Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile will be directly implicated in the rally madness.

Kind of a big deal, huh?

Today, Trump delivered an address in Gettysburg, PA highlighting plans for his first 100 days in office.

People are loving his vision for the country.

Trump then mentioned the Project Veritas videos…


O’Keefe immediately sent this tweet…


O’Keefe is being blunt about this… he claims that Hillary for America, the Democratic National Committee and numerous third-party groups appear to have knowingly violated federal coordination laws. The charges include a massive network of paid politicos staging fake protests, inciting political violence at Trump rallies and otherwise manipulating the electoral system. This may give more fodder to Trump in his lawsuit and it will definitely put the Hildabeast front and center.

The fallout from the first two videos was impressive… Scott Foval was summarily fired from Americans United for Change and Robert Creamer of prison and Obamacare infamy, also resigned from Democracy Partners. These people used mentally challenged individuals in their plots. They bused in protesters and infiltrators and also used buses to move voters from state to state – that’s another aspect of voter fraud. They paid thugs in multiple states to protest at Trump rallies and to mix in with his supporters. Supposedly spontaneous protests at Donald Trump rallies were really the concentrated efforts of third-party groups, Hillary for America and the DNC.

I imagine this is going to blow up tomorrow. I guess we’ll see. O’Keefe rarely disappoints. All of America should be mad as hell that the left is manipulating elections like this. They are as bad as Russia. If they continue to get away with it, then we truly are a banana republic and that unrest I spoke of will explode.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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