Trump Supporter does this outrageous act after Donald loses Georgia Delegate Fight [VIDEO]

Trump Supporter does this outrageous act after Donald loses Georgia Delegate Fight [VIDEO]

Classy. More apropos… it’s bizarre. Trumpsters are throwing a hissy fit in Georgia. Trump came away with just one third of the delegates up for grabs at conventions across the state. The rest went to Ted Cruz. All of it was on the up and up. Cruz played by the rules and won once again. No one stole votes or delegates. Trump will get the votes he is entitled to as long as these delegates are bound. Once that is done though, they are free to go to Cruz. As I have said before, if Trump does not win on the first ballot in a contested convention, he will not win. Things got very strange in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. When things did not go their way, they grabbed the American flag and absconded with it. They just walked out with it like it was theirs.


From RedState:

Yesterday was a bloodbath for Trump and his supporters in Georgia, as Trump got about one third of the delegates up for grabs at conventions around the state, with the rest going to Ted Cruz. Once again, Trump will get all the votes to which he is entitled as long as these delegates are bound, but afterwards it looks like he will continue to slide on subsequent votes.

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Things got especially testy in Georgia’s 7th Congressional district when Trump supporters bizarrely stole the American flag that was posted there and walked out.

If Trump loses the nomination, there are going to be riots. You can see it in the way these people behave. And Trump himself is egging them on. If he gets the nomination and loses to Hillary, they’ll riot then as well. When you have a campaign that’s based on anger and vengeance, this is how it plays out. Trump acts one minute like a spoiled child and the next like a mafioso. Individual congressional districts met Saturday to select the 43 of the 76 delegates that would be going on to the Republican convention in Ohio at the end of July. Each of the 14 conventions picks three delegates and three alternates. Despite Donald’s advantage in votes, Cruz’s supporters now appear to make up the majority of Georgia’s representation going on to the state convention in Augusta. Let’s just say that didn’t go over well with the Trumpsters. Unsurprisingly, Donald’s team was shocked to see their lead disappear in front of them at the convention. Lori Pesta, Trump’s Cherokee County campaign chairman, said that this was partially due to voters choosing to select delegates slot-by-slot instead of by slate. Brian Jack, Trump’s national delegate director, told AJC that while his candidate did not perform poorly in all of Georgia, he would still be carrying out an investigation looking into voter suppression. Oh, boo freaking hoo! Every time Trump is out-maneuvered, he plays the voter suppression card. Get over it already. Either learn to do the political dance or get off the floor.

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