As Trump Supporters Rally To Raise Money For Homeless Vets…The Anarchists ATTACK Them! [VIDEO]

As Trump Supporters Rally To Raise Money For Homeless Vets…The Anarchists ATTACK Them! [VIDEO]

What has always been a peaceful march by supporters of President Donald Trump, supporters of veterans, supporters of law enforcement and supporters of first responders, was yet again turned into a street fight by leftist, Brownshirts that were out in number to attack and prevent supposed ‘free’ Americans from exercising their basic rights. This all went down in Huntington Beach, California and resulted in the police only arresting 4 people.

Not a very productive day I suppose.

The four people they arrested were brought into custody after many of these thugs and criminals started to use pepper spray on the peaceful marchers during their walk. According to reports, there were at least a dozen or so of the violent thugs that came out to fight. One of them even dressed up in his favorite lefty outfit equipped with a patch that read “Only You Can Resist Racists Liars”. None of them would identify themselves as all of them came prepared in their uniformed black clothing and covered their faces so police wouldn’t identify them in their crimes.

One of the thugs claimed they only started using the spray after supporters allegedly started to come after them. But in the era of video and cell phones, the evidence of the claim seems to be as broke as their logic:

The march was actually labeled the Make America Great Again march, according to its organizers, with the event being fashioned to reveal that “we love our country and we want to show gratitude to the men and women who put their own lives on the line every day.” The purpose of the event was to collect donations, so that they could focus that money on caring for and feeding homeless vets…

Capt. Kevin Pearsall of California State Parks told reporters that all of those arrested were the thugs that showed up to ‘counter-protest’…go figure.

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