After Trump Was Sworn In CNN’s Sally Kohn Tweets This DISGUSTING Image – AMERICANS RESPOND

After Trump Was Sworn In CNN’s Sally Kohn Tweets This DISGUSTING Image – AMERICANS RESPOND

This is pathetically lame even for the likes of Sally Kohn. Right after President Trump was sworn in, she tweeted an obscene pic of Trump grabbing the Statue of Liberty down low. Then she quips, “Who’s ready to grab back?” I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in seizing Trump’s junk. This is obscene and in very bad taste. The worst part is you just know she took care to come up with the graphic and had been planning on springing it for some time. If that’s the best she’s got, it’s going to be a very long four to eight years for Kohn… if she lasts that long.

Trump’s Inaugural speech yesterday was an altogether different animal. It wasn’t Republican or Democrat… it was American. He slapped both parties and spoke for the people. I fail to see how Democrats despise that so much. Maybe it’s because perversion will no longer be tolerated and they won’t be able to slaughter the unborn at will. Maybe it’s just sheer fear that they will now have to be responsible. Sally Kohn is probably in fear for her job, not that anyone watches her craptastic bloviating anyway.


From Twitchy:

Well then.


Sally Kohn is SO edgy. Heh.

You know she was WAITING for Trump to end his speech so she could tweet this and wow, it’s just not that impactful and honestly it’s a little gross if you think about it. Time to grab back? Ewwww.


Not sure she really thought this one through … just sayin’.


Leave us out of it too, thanks.


We see what you did there.


Gonna be a long four years for Sally, she might want to pace herself.

I think these feminists are all getting riled up for the Million Women March or whatever. I can just see them knitting pink p*ssy hats to proudly wear. I don’t think these people even really know what they are protesting about. They just hate Trump and I guess that is enough for them. He has just become President and they have already devolved into feminazi rage.

What Sally Kohn tweeted was extremely disrespectful, gross and she should be censured for it. But she won’t be, because it’s in vogue to hate President Trump. So, she’ll keep coming up with disgusting tweets that verge on libelous. It’s what I lovingly call crotch politics. Kohn is a crass sea hag. Way to take the extremely low road.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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