Trump Takes MAJOR Stand Against Cuba – Threatens to Terminate Deal

by Cassy Fiano | November 28, 2016 12:26 pm

When Barack Obama lifted the trade embargo on Cuba, many Americans were furious. But now that we are about to have a new president, that deal may not last for much longer. And he’s threatening to terminate the deal[1] if Cuba won’t give the Cuban people a better deal of their own.


Now that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is dead, it falls on Raul Castro to improve things for the oppressed Cuban people. And Trump has already warned that he will take a harder stance than Obama did during his presidency. His tweet alluded to that tougher stance:

While Obama released a statement after Castro’s death that many criticized for being weak and not calling out Castro’s many atrocities, Trump’s statement was the exact opposite. He openly condemned Castro for the oppression of the Cuban people and for his tyrannical regime.

Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s senior advisers, commented on the Cuba situation, saying, “On the issue of diplomatic relations being re-opened with Cuba, what President-elect Trump says is that he’d be open to that himself, but that we got nothing in return.”

She continued, “We’re allowing commercial aircraft there. We pretend that we’re actually doing business with the Cuban people now when, really, we’re doing business with the Cuban government and the Cuban military. They still control everything.”

JetBlue’s first commercial flight to Havana, Cuba took off Monday morning and American Airlines will be offering one hour flights from Miami to Havana also. Delta Airlines will be following suit, with flights beginning December 1.

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