Trump Tells Mitch McConnell To “GO NUCLEAR” On Democrats In Congress

Trump Tells Mitch McConnell To “GO NUCLEAR” On Democrats In Congress

Is “nuclear” a trigger word this week? Let’s hope not, or a whole lot of Congressional Democrats are going to be sent running to their safe spaces after this President Trump comment.

Liberals are worried that Trump is going to misuse America’s nuclear arsenal and will fire warheads at any country that so much as sneezes the wrong way. The only nuclear action they need to be worried about right now, however, is the one about to come from Republicans if the Dems don’t stop dragging their petulant feet.


From Young Conservatives:

Yesterday, Donald Trump officially nominated Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

You’ll have a hard time finding a single conservative that’s upset about that.

Gorsuch is a rockstar conservative.

Democrats have two choices.  They can let Gorsuch be confirmed and save their energy to fight Trump’s next SCOTUS pick which would affect the court’s future more than this choice.

Or, they can obstruct and force Republicans to use the “nuclear option“.

Here’s Trump’s message to Mitch McConnell about that…

Something tells me that even if liberals like Trump’s SCOTUS pick, they’re going to be forced to vote against him simply out of spite, or face the wrath of the rest of the dying party.

It’s so sad that government is behaving in such a clique-ish way. I thought we had abandoned that in high school.

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