Trump Threatens To Cancel Lawmakers’ Healthcare Bennies – That ‘Special Exception’ They Carved Out [VIDEO]

Trump Threatens To Cancel Lawmakers’ Healthcare Bennies – That ‘Special Exception’ They Carved Out [VIDEO]

Americans are fed up with the so-called Affordable Care Act. There is a small percentage of people who have been helped by it. But the vast majority of Americans have been injured by it. Many, if not most, people have seen their deductibles rise to ridiculous levels and their premiums do the same. And those who don’t purchase insurance are fined by the government. In essence, even if people do have healthcare, they are unable to utilize it for the most part because they cannot afford it. All of which means that the Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor caring. Folks cannot afford care. All thanks to Obama and the Congressional Democrats who rammed it down America’s throat without caring that it would damage most of us. Why is that? Because Congress has an out. While they do sign up for healthcare through the exchanges, they get help from the government to pay for it. Nice, huh? So, while Congress forced all of us into a terrible government healthcare system, a system that is imploding upon itself even now, they get their own little sweet deal.

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Last week, America was betrayed by Senators McCain, Murkowski, and Collins during last week’s late night vote on the so-called Skinny Repeal. The Skinny Repeal left in place most of Obamacare, but at least repealed the individual and the employer mandates. It also included the defunding of Planned Parenthood for at least a year. Hmmmm. Could that be the real reason that so-called Senate moderates such as McCain, blocked it from going through? Did they want to make sure that Planned Parenthood, America’s number one serial killer of children, continued to receive its funding? We may never know. But whatever the reason, it is a betrayal.

All that aside, the failure of the Senate to pass the repeal they all promised on the campaign trail, has President Trump mulling over his options. And one of those options is to eliminate Congress’ sweet deal on healthcare by issuing a revocation of it via Executive Order. And Trump has insinuated he may do just that.

When asked about whether he can or will do it, Kellyanne Conway responded, “Yes he can. He’s going to make that decision this week, and that’s a decision that only he can make.”

Quite frankly, nothing could be more fair. When these high and mighty Congresspeople have to deal with the same kind of healthcare the rest of us do, then maybe things will change. So, go for it President Trump. It’s time our elected representatives got a taste of how terrible the ACA really is. Maybe when they can’t afford healthcare, they’ll make it affordable for the rest of us.

See video below.

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