Trump Tweets one word and the Internet turns it into comedy gold

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | May 14, 2017 2:54 pm

Even when President Trump messes up[1], it is pure gold. He tweeted out one word: “We” and the Internet rolled over and starting giggling. Over 29 million followers got the tweet and hilarity ensued. It was deleted within minutes, but not before the humorous tweets started flooding in. Twitterers are helpful like that… filling in the blanks with wit and laughs.


…are NEVER, EVER, EVER / getting back to political stability in this country

…are the champions my friend


Sounds like Queen is the rocker of the day and finishes what Trump started. Just sayin’.


From the Independent Journal Review:

On Saturday, President Donald Trump[3] seemed to press “tweet” a little too early. In a message to his 29 million followers, the president simply said “we.”


While the tweet[5] was deleted within minutes, it didn’t stop the internet from lending a helping hand and filling in the blanks.

MIC’s art critic Kevin O’Keeffe was inspired by Taylor Swift:

Other users felt Queen was more appropriate:

Another user speculated he was at an amusement park:

Or maybe he was simply inspired by a bit of light reading:[13]

Marcy J Miller called it “pure awesomeness”:

Sean Spicer was also brought into it:

Teen Vogue columnist and award-winning journalist Lauren Duca mimicked pundits after his joint-session of Congress:

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it seems an incomplete tweet bears its weight in internet fun.

The Internet is still melting down over this one. Heh. We can all be thankful the tweet was not “Wee.” Some even joked that Trump actually started to read the Constitution. Funny, or maybe not. Some are calling it unifying… I’m calling it ‘shiny’. Others are calling it nationalistic… see Sean Spicer. And so it goes.

Everything this President does from a speech, to ice cream, to a messed up tweet seems to be newsworthy. Next up, toilet habits. Geez. By the way, isn’t ‘we’ collective? And who’s this ‘we’ white man? Perhaps it was a stab at a brilliant tweet slamming Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren a la James Woods[20]. ‘We’ the people approve if that’s the case.

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