Trump UNLOADS on Lester Holt After He Rigged the Debate [VIDEO]

Trump UNLOADS on Lester Holt After He Rigged the Debate [VIDEO]

Right after last week’s debate, Trump said he thought it was fair and praised Lester Holt. Now… he has completely flipped on that stance. He says the whole thing was rigged and that it was unfair to him. I saw the debate and I disagree. Holt was somewhat biased towards Clinton, but overall, he did a pretty good job regardless of what Trump says now.

Neither candidate did a good job in that debate. When it was all done the scientific polls said Clinton won… the online polls said it was Trump. I don’t trust any polls, but I would put more faith in the scientific ones than the online ones. You can vote as many times as you like in those polls. All you have to do is clear your cache. Some don’t even require that.


From American News:

This week, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head in the first presidential debate. The event was moderated by Lester Holt, and it didn’t take long for the American public to realize he was rigging the debate in Clinton’s favor.

Days after the event, Trump has stopped being polite and admitted the debate was slanted against him.

“And then I had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything I said,” Trump told a New Hampshire crowd at the end of last week. “What a rigged deal. I tell you, we are in such a rigged—it is terrible. What’s going on in this country is so sad. But it will change. Remember Nov. 8th.”

Trump also argued that the entire political system in this country is corrupt.

“The people getting rich off the rigged system are the people throwing their money at Hillary Clinton,” Trump argued. “We are going to take on the special interests, the lobbyists, and the corrupt corporate media that have rigged the system against everyday Americans.”

There are a ton of people getting rich off the system and that is true. Many do throw their money at Clinton. But Trump has made a bunch of money off those same lobbyists and in that same system. And he has some very big names now donating to him as well. He also controls segments of the media… Fox News, Breitbart and Drudge for instance. But he doesn’t mention that. I say clean all of it up on both sides, but that’s just me.

Trump is vying for the most powerful position on earth currently… the presidency. Here’s what he said after the debate: “When I first did it, I thought he was fine,” Trump explained in an interview with Bill O’Reilly. “I wasn’t think about it, but when I reviewed it and when I saw all of the commentary—because a lot of people thought he was terrible—and I looked at all of the commentary, I realized he was much, much tougher on me than he was on Hillary, it was like day and night.” If he is such a great leader, why did he feel one way and then go another? He does this on virtually every stance he has by the way. It’s a habit.

Yes, most of the media is leftist and Trump doesn’t get as many breaks as Clinton. But he is a far more powerful personality. Can we quit discussing how unfair everything is and get to specific issues? I’d kind of like to know where someone truly stands and what they actually plan to do BEFORE they become president. How about you?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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