Trump Uses Obama’s Words Against Hillary’s “Baskets Of Deplorables”

Hillary tried walking back, just a tiny bit with a non-apology apology, her “baskets of deplorables” comment. And, in all fairness, some of Trump’s supporters are deplorable. But, do you know what? Many of Hillary’s supporters are also deplorable. That’s a post, perhaps, for another day. In the meantime

(The Hill) Donald Trump retweeted an old post from President Obama to mock his Democratic rival’s recent controversial comment, in which she characterized half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorable.”

“RT if you agree: We need a President who is fighting for all Americans, not one who writes of nearly half the country,” Obama tweeted in September of 2012.

“You know, just to be grossly generalist, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” Clinton said on Friday night.

Obama’s tweet was a response to Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” gaffe, in which he said nearly half of Americans were so dependent on the government that they were likely to vote for Obama “no matter what.”

Of course, that account was run by Organizing For America, O’s hardcore organization, so, those weren’t O’s actual words. But, most wouldn’t realize that it wasn’t O unless signed B.O. The Hill’s Paulina Firozi sure didn’t. Regardless, this was O’s account. Hillary does not represent American’s. Only certain ones. Heck, she doesn’t even represent all the people who plan on voting for her. She’s for the rich folks that donate. She’s for herself. Everyone else is a peon there to worship her and do what she says.

Is Trump any better? We don’t know. He doesn’t have the political record to make a determination. He’s certainly a damned site better than Hillary.

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