Trump Is Vexed By Challenges Of Government Or Something

Trump Is Vexed By Challenges Of Government Or Something


He’s totally surprised that government doesn’t run like a business. Just another attempted hit piece, featuring tons of anonymous sources

Trump vexed by challenges, scale of government
The new president’s allies say he has been surprised that government can’t be run like his business.

Being president is harder than Donald Trump thought, according to aides and allies who say that he’s growing increasingly frustrated with the challenges of running the massive federal bureaucracy.

In interviews, nearly two dozen people who’ve spent time with Trump in the three weeks since his inauguration said that his mood has careened between surprise and anger as he’s faced the predictable realities of governing, from congressional delays over his cabinet nominations and legal fights holding up his aggressive initiatives to staff in-fighting and leaks.

I’m betting that Barack, who had no experience running anything, had some issues as well. Even those with experience running government, such as George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan, among others, surely had difficulty, particularly with an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy.

The administration’s rocky opening days have been a setback for a president who, as a billionaire businessman, sold himself to voters as being uniquely qualified to fix what ailed the nation. Yet it has become apparent, say those close to the president, most of whom requested anonymity to describe the inner workings of the White House, that the transition from overseeing a family business to running the country has been tough on him.

Seriously, it has been three weeks, guys. Three weeks. These things do not happen overnight. They do not happen that fast in the private sector, either. Even taking over a small store doing the same as you did at another small store can take time. If this is still happening in a year, then it would be a problem.

But, the idea here is to paint things negatively for Trump, because that’s what out professional and totally unbiased media does.

There’s this anonymous quote, that anonymous quote, most of which are designed to make Trump look bad.

Last week, Trump told an associate he had become weary of in-fighting among — and leaks from — his White House staff “because it reflects on me,” and that he intended to sit down staffers to tell them “to cut this shit out.”

That, though, despite the negative portrayal, sounds like someone who’s in charge, and is trying to implement a typical theme from the private sector about “getting on board with the changes.”

There are two actual quotes from people among all the negative anonymous nellies

Christopher Ruddy, a Trump friend and the chief executive of the conservative Newsmax Media, said “Running the federal government is something new for him, for sure.” But, Ruddy added, “I think if he’s demonstrated anything in his life, he is a very fast learner and adapts very quickly. The man is not to be underestimated.”

“I’m not disappointed in the President’s work so far – he operates like many great CEO’s I know – and I hope he continues to manage the country in a manner worlds apart from the way we’ve seen in the past,” said Michael Caputo, who was a Trump campaign aide. “It’s about time.”

Running the country is no easy business, especially when Trump is attempting to change the way it runs. And, it’s just been three weeks, for goodness sakes.

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