Trump Will Be Pushing For Reform And America First At United Nations

Trump Will Be Pushing For Reform And America First At United Nations

Realistically, the only way to reform the United Nations is to disband the body and start over, but, we know that won’t happen

(The Hill) The Trump administration on Sunday emphasized reform will be on the agenda when President Trump heads to the United Nations for the first time this week.

Senior level officials previewed themes in Trump’s upcoming Tuesday speech and predicted Trump’s call for change will set the tone for U.S. involvement during a packed week of foreign policy.

“It is a new day at the U.N.,” U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” on Sunday. “I think that the pleas he made in terms of trying to see change at the United Nations have been heard, and I think what we’ll do is see him respond to that.”

…Haley said the days of the U.N. disrespecting the U.S. are over.

“What you are now seeing is the Israel bashing has become more balanced. You’ve got a United Nations that is action oriented, we’ve passed two resolutions on  North Korea just in the last month. And you also have a United Nations that is moving toward reform,” she continued.

“We said we needed to get value for our dollar, and what we’re finding is that the international community is right there with us in support of reform,” she added.

The only way to truly hold the U.N. accountable is to threaten to withhold money, or actually withhold it. An emphasis by President Trump will be on reforming the bureaucracy and instituting accountability from the various initiatives and programs.

“He will be promoting peace, he will be promoting prosperity, and the president will be promoting sovereignty and accountability,” Conway said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” on Sunday.

It is the president’s chance to present his “America first” stance to the global governing body.

“This country wants a leader who is tough on terrorism, is not going to coddle them, is not going to apologize for America around the world, and you’re going to see that through President Trump’s leadership at the United Nations General Assembly this week as well,” Conway said.

It should be a couple of great days of Leftists and America haters getting a case of the vapors.

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