TRUMP WINS! China Frees American Woman Held Since 2015

TRUMP WINS! China Frees American Woman Held Since 2015

Back in 2015, Phan Phan-Gillis, also known as Sandy, traveled to China to represent the city of Houston in a cross-cultural effort. For her trouble she received imprisonment and torture. This week, she is home again with her loved ones, thanks to the efforts of President Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Dui Hua Foundation, founded by Jeff Kamm, which fights for human rights.

GOP Senator from Texas, John Cornyn, remarked, “I’m relieved that Sandy Phan-Gillis has been released and will soon be reunited with her loved ones in Houston. The unlawful detention of an American citizen for more than two years with little to no explanation by Chinese authorities is shameful and unacceptable.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, also of Texas states, “I applaud the State Department and thank President Trump for his leadership in securing Sandy’s release. It should be noted that Sandy’s purpose in visiting China two years ago was to strengthen commercial and cultural exchanges on behalf of the city of Houston. The Chinese government — cynically and to the astonishment of many — perceived this cultural bridge-builder as a threat. Sandy was unjustly deprived of her liberty for two years, time during which she was denied basic legal protections and her loved ones lacked accurate information about her condition.”

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Sandy arrived in Los Angeles on Friday.

“Many of Sandy’s friends and family members have been crying tears of joy throughout the day,” said her husband Jeff. He continued, “Sandy was not allowed to speak with her lawyers for well over a year. China State Security used torture to force Sandy to make a false confession.”

On Tuesday, Ms. Phan-Gillis was tried, convicted and sentenced to three years in prison by a Chinese court. She was deported to the US on Friday instead of serving that sentence.

Thanks to the efforts of our new President and those he has chosen for his cabinet, as well as Dui Hua, she is home again. One more win for Trump and a great step for human rights.

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