TRUMP’S 10-Point Plan Brings Excitement In Gettysburg!

TRUMP’S 10-Point Plan Brings Excitement In Gettysburg!

Trump gave his most substantial speech to date in Gettysburg. I am sure the choice of location was on purpose. He laid out his 10-point plan for his first 100 days in office. I’m going to go through it here and there’s more. Before I start though, I will note that Clinton has not released any such plans. At least Trump is putting a plan out there. Whether he would keep his word or be successful in implementing such a plan is another story.

Trump started with: “We are a very divided nation. I am not a politician and never wanted to be a politician, but when I saw the trouble our country was in, I knew I couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. Our country has been so good to me, and I felt I had to act.”

“I’ve seen the system up close and personal for many years. I’ve been a major part of it, I know how the game works in Washington and Wall Street. I know how the rules are rigged every day against Americans.”

I believe Trump when he says he knows how the game works. I have an issue though with playing on the anger of Americans to get elected. Regardless, he is making a last ditch attempt to keep Hillary out of the White House. With only 17 days left until the election, it would have to be a good one… and it is.

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From The Federalist Papers Project:

  • Push a constitutional amendment for term limits for members of Congress.
  • A hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition, exempting military public safety and public health.
  • A permanent Ban on members of the Executive administration from ever becoming political lobbyists.
  • Eliminating two federal regulations for every one passed.
  • Repeal the “Obamacare Disaster” and provide relief to American families.
  • Impose tough tariffs on foreign imports to keep American companies from moving overseas.
  • Immediately open up energy production to jumpstart our economy.
  • Appoint judges who will strictly uphold the Constitution.
  • Immediately begin renegotiating NAFTA to make it a better deal.

Term limits is a great idea, so points on that. The hiring freeze on federal employees is also a good idea. The permanent ban on lobbyists though… I’m not sure constitutionally that Trump can do that and it would have to go through Congress. It’s not likely to succeed. If he can eliminate two regulations for every one passed, that would be a minor miracle, but in essence, a great idea. On Obamacare, I disagree. It doesn’t need to be repealed and replaced. It just needs to be repealed and let the free market take its course.

On tariffs, I also disagree. Tariffs act as taxes and are passed on to you and me. Instead of punishing companies this way, make the tax structure so inviting that they will flock here. Tariffs are what brought on the Great Depression by the way. Opening all forms of energy is a great idea and long overdue. On appointing judges that uphold the Constitution, I agree wholeheartedly, but I have my doubts on Trump doing this one. As for NAFTA, go for it. We should renegotiate it to benefit the US more.

Trump spoke out against the Time Warner/AT&T merger today… I also agree with him on that point – but a president cannot constitutionally or legally stop such a move. Trump stated that he would cancel “every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by Barack Obama, cancel funding for sanctuary cities, remove all of the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country. These are our drug dealers, gang heads, gang members, killers, and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back.” On that point, I also hope he would keep his word, because it is a step that we truly need to take as a nation.

Finally, I leave you with Trump’s Contract With The American Voter:

Donald J. Trump Contract With The American Voter by Robert Gehl on Scribd


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