Trump’s Denver office vandalized TWICE

Trump’s Denver office vandalized TWICE

Donald Trump’s Denver campaign office has been vandalized twice in the last 24 hours. A rock was thrown through a window and nasty things about Trump were scrawled on the walls. Notice how it is always a Republican office that is vandalized? Leftists love this stuff… it is the handiwork of revolutionaries, communists, anarchists and leftists to attack those that do not agree with them. They are about as un-American as it comes.

Police think they have one guy in custody who committed at least one of the acts. He has not been identified yet. This isn’t the only property involved with Donald Trump that has been vandalized. The front entrance of Trump’s new Washington hotel was vandalized with spray-painted messages which read “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice No Peace.” They even got that guy on video doing the deed. Other Republican offices in other states have also been trashed. One was burned out… a total loss.


From CNN Politics:

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Donald Trump’s Denver campaign office has been vandalized twice in the last 24 hours, the Denver Police Department said Friday.

In the latest incident, a rock was thrown through the window of the Republican presidential nominee’s field office, CNN affiliate KCNC reported.

Earlier in the day, words describing Trump in derogatory terms were painted on a wall at the office.

Denver Police Department spokesman Tyrone Campbell said a possible suspect was being held in connection with the latest incident.

“We are investigating a second incident of vandalism in the city at Donald Trump’s office,” he said. The first vandalism case occurred Friday morning and both cases are under investigation for criminal mischief.

The person being held had not been identified late Friday.

Trump’s Hollywood star was also damaged by a wealthy leftist in California. A homeless woman stood guard over Trump’s star and for that she was beaten, kicked and spit on. Now, to be fair, she was also holding a sign that said ‘f**k all Mexicans’. Even so, that should never happen. A GoFundMe page has raised $33,171 for this woman already.

Colorado is key to winning the election this time around. Wonder if the Democrats paid someone to do this? That would be typical. Some electoral maps now have Trump ahead… some still show Clinton. Tuesday is going to be a brutal day. At long last the election is here and I can’t wait for it to be over. Trump may win it all regardless of who vandalizes his property.


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