Trump’s first month in office cuts BILLIONS on Obama’s debt

Trump’s first month in office cuts BILLIONS on Obama’s debt

I’m not sure you can fully attribute this to President Trump, but since his inauguration, the Public Debt has dropped by $12 billion. Public debt is defined as any money owed by a government agency. An example of public debt is money owned by a city to pay for a recently-finished sewer system. So, there is an argument to be made that since Trump has cut regulations and is bringing businesses back to the US, it may very well have contributed to cutting the public debt.

The stock market is at an all time high and going higher. Trump is indeed creating jobs here in the US… especially in the energy sector. What will really tell the tale though is when Trump comes out with his budget next month. He has vowed to massively cut many agencies, with a special emphasis on the EPA. I’m all for that. If he can also reduce taxes, he will be on an epic roll.


On January 20th, the day of the Trump Inauguration, the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. On February 21st, a month later, the US Debt load stood at $19,935 billion. So the debt definitely dropped. But it has been see-sawing back and forth. Without last year’s numbers, it is hard to tell if that is a trend or not at this point.

If you look at President Obama’s first month in office, there is a stark difference here. The US debt burden went up by more than $200 billion in his first month in office. Obama increased the debt by 2% right out the gate and then he signed a trillion dollar ‘Stimulus’ bill. It was an abject failure and did not kick in until later during Obama’s first year. That year ended with a deficit of $1.4 trillion. Obama doubled the US debt and actually accrued more debt than all presidents before him combined. Trump has done wonders in comparison with that horrific legacy.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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