Trump’s Guy Becomes Target of Nasty Campaign of Harassment Led By Members of Liberal Media 

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 10, 2018 11:03 am

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has long been one of my favorite guys. He’s got a spine and isn’t afraid to do the right thing. He scuttled the horrendous Net Neutrality monstrosity that Obama tried to put in place and for that, he and his family have been getting constant death threats. He had to cancel an upcoming speech because it was just too dangerous. Pai is a threat to the left and they think they are justified in wanting to remove that threat… whatever it takes.

Daily, Pai is mocked, harassed and threatened. He is persecuted to an extent that is obscene. I actually fear for this guy’s life. All he did was end net neutrality and allow us to go back to the way the Internet was before Obama… open and free. The market will determine pricing and access, not socialism. And for that sin, Pai is a marked man. It’s a national scandal that is getting almost no air time. In fact, the media is aiding and abetting Pai’s attackers.


Among the first icons out there to organize a net neutrality campaign was HBO host John Oliver. He called it the “Go FCC Yourself.” Catchy… not. He encouraged followers to bombard the FCC’s website with comments supporting the regulation and they did just that. It was the beginning of an obsession with leftists over net neutrality – they are now completely unhinged over it. In those comments, Pai was described as a pedophile and a “dirty, sneaky Indian” who should self-deport and reminders that anonymous online hordes maintain the “power to murder Ajit Pai and his family.” Bet you didn’t hear about that, now did you? Oliver was eventually compelled to release a video urging his followers to dial back the racism and death threats. None of them thought he was serious in the least… neither do I.

That was just the beginning of Pai’s horrific ordeal. As of May last year, Pai’s tormentors began a campaign to ensure that the FCC chairman could enjoy no peace — not even in his own home. He would also learn to fear for the safety of his family. “Resistance” groups began distributing fliers and door hangers around Pai’s Arlington, VA, neighborhood, featuring a black-and-white photo of Pai with his vital stats (height, weight, age and professional background) and accusing him of selling the Internet out to corporations. “Have you seen this man?” the fliers read. Nothing like a wanted poster to up your presence in your community, am I right?


Ajit Pai

Then the left began conducting ‘vigils’ in Pai’s driveway. They did this same thing to then-FCC chairman Tom Wheeler in 2014. They “come up to our front windows and take photographs of the inside of the house,” Pai told the Wall Street Journal. “My kids are 5 and 3. It’s not pleasant.” That’s an understatement. I would be terrified for my children. Pai is not wealthy and the kind of security needed to meet this threat is astronomical in cost. “Is this really the world you want Annabelle and Alexander to inherit,” read a handmade sign affixed to a lamppost outside Pai’s residence in November, making a point to emphasize the names of Pai’s two children. “They will come to know the truth: Dad murdered democracy in cold blood,” read another. Would you want your kids exposed to that?

Pai’s doorbell would ring every half an hour with pizza deliveries that they had not ordered. “It was a little nerve-racking, especially for my wife, who’s not involved in this space,” Pai told Fox News Channel. “Families,” he continued, “should remain out of it and stop harassing us at our homes.” It certainly didn’t stop there. In December, ahead of the commission’s vote to formally nix the controversial 2015 regulation, a specific bomb threat forced the FCC to halt proceedings and clear the building. Just last week, Pai had to cancel a scheduled appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show after receiving credible death threats. The organization that invited Pai to speak has also been “subject to vicious and direct attacks and threats” for even daring to associate with the FCC chairman. I used to go to that show every year.

Pai is a brilliant man who is doing an excellent job at the FCC. He supports President Trump as well, but speaks up when he disagrees with him. He easily won a second term at his post in October with the support of four Democratic senators. What is happening here is exactly what the left is saying the right is doing to them, except they aren’t. This will keep up and someone will get killed by these nuts. Pai deserves his privacy and safety regardless of how upset the left is over net neutrality.

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