Trump’s Inauguration: Gossip Swirls, Which Celeb Will Preform?

Trump’s Inauguration: Gossip Swirls, Which Celeb Will Preform?

I think we are just about equally split on celebs who want to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration and those who wouldn’t be caught dead doing so. Rumors are swirling over the possibilities though. Early on we heard it would by Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame. But just this last week I heard that was a no-go. Then someone from Trump’s Transition Team leaked to the BBC (probably just to stir them up) that Elton John would be performing. Elton John was quick to squash that rumor period. I know that Kanye West would love to perform, but he just had a psychotic meltdown, so he might be a little too busy for that right now. Choices, choices…

Frankly, you’d think that performers would be vying to be the lead act for this high-profile inauguration. Trump must be considering Kidd Rock, who is a big fan. On the older set, we have Wayne Newton and Loretta Lynch. And God help Trump if he picks Azealia Banks. That would be a killer right there. I can’t see him doing that. My money’s still on Kidd Rock or how about Gene Simmons and KISS? They are old friends of President Trump’s.


From TheBlaze:

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From across the pond comes a very important question that’ll have to wait a tortuous month or so to be answered: who might be given the chance to stand in an extraordinarily bright limelight by singing at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration in January? The BBC thinks it knows who WON’T be asked:

More than a few celebrities have expressed their lack of enthusiasm for the new president.

Elton John will definitely not be playing in Washington come January.

Earlier this week, a member of Mr Trump’s transition team told the BBC Elton John would be performing during the inauguration.

But Elton John, who previously played a rally for the Clinton campaign, quickly responded with a “categorical denial” of the Trump team’s suggestion.

We can also safely rule out Green Day. Performing at the American Music Awards on Sunday, the band chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” while performing their song “Bang, Bang”.

Green Day who? I would not think that Trump would want them anyway. Please guys, pick someone with actual talent.

Prayers, poetry and music, all common elements of inaugural ceremonies, are organised by a bipartisan congressional committee. Presidents-elect also choose their own committee to plan subsequent festivities including a parade and a ball, often accompanied by music. Songs featured on the day can include performances by formal choirs, military bands, pop stars or classical artists.

Meanwhile, Twitter is having a field day with this. We’ll know in short order who is chosen. January 20th can’t come soon enough.



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