Trump’s White House Just Made a BIG Statement Without Uttering a Word

by Just An American | March 8, 2017 2:47 pm

WHOA! A huge statement was just made by the White House, without anything being said at all! Before a White house press conference, there was a table mysteriously set up right next to the speaking podium.


Check this out…

Then later, the White House press corps and the rest of us found out what that table was all about… The GOP’S Obamacare replacement bill.

This was a comparison that was meant to send out a message. The ACA, as passed, was a total of 906-pages-long…and it was reported earlier that there are parts of this Affordable Care Act that are being kept, controversially, in the minds of numerous conservative Republicans.

Of course, Senator Mike Lee has already blasted the GOP bill stating that it is “not the Obamacare repeal bill we’ve been waiting for.”

Others are arguing that it is merely the opening salvo in negotiations from a President who wrote the book on “The Art of the Deal.”

It appears that what is happening here is that the President wants to keep his promises and doing all this at once is HUGE and a feat in itself, plus he is keeping America informed about it.

Obama did nothing. He and Pelosi most likely have never even READ the Obamacare act themselves. Evil.

They just slapped 7000 pages together on the top of a desk, video taped it like it means something and then everyone thinks that the Obama administration thoroughly read it all.

What a joke.

God bless our President and our country.

To watch the footage taken at the scene, click here.[6]

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