Tucker Carlson WIPES FLOOR With CEO Who REFUSES Business With Trump Supporters [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson WIPES FLOOR With CEO Who REFUSES Business With Trump Supporters [VIDEO]

I happened to catch part of this clip between Tucker Carlson and Mathew Blachfield of 1st in SEO. Never heard of either one and I don’t really care to ever hear of him again. Blachfield decided to put on his supreme asshat and take a stand to not do business with anyone who has ever even said a nice word about Donald Trump. In the segment, the guy blathers on about being inclusive and tolerant and Carlson points out that what he is doing is the very opposite of that. It seemed lost on this liberal hipster.

He has the right to do business with or not do business with whomever he wants, but freezing out anyone who supports a current sitting President strikes me as a great way to go out of business. Also, Tucker Carlson does not suffer fools very well. This guy’s stance is no stance at all… it is a tantrum thrown because the Left lost. He went on about how he really feels that Trump is a dictator. He hasn’t even taken office yet or done anything, so I’m not sure how he even got there. Carlson makes mincemeat of the guy. Blachfield obviously didn’t bother to find out who Carlson is and walked right into it.


From Louder with Crowder:

Pro-tip to people thinking about appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show: do a little YouTubing of Carlson first. Because if title etiquette had allowed, I would’ve called this piece “Tucker Carlson bitch slaps whiny CEO pantywaist who totally deserved it, the douche-bucket.” But you know. Clickbait. Here’s the setup: Mathew Blachfield is an anti-Trump CEO of “1st in SEO.” It’s okay if you’ve never heard of it, I haven’t either. He apparently doesn’t want to do business with Trump-supporters. Why? Because Hitler.

Some pull quote-ness of one of my favorite parts:

Blanchfield: “I don’t claim to speak for the Left, or any group or organization. I speak for myself. And I believe that standing up to injustice is the foundation of what our country is all about. I believe having the moral turpitude to stand up against the masses is what a citizen and a patriot actually does. I believe that having the courage to risk your business… reputation… and physical well-being against mass hysteria… is absolutely what is mandated by our Constitution.”

Carlson: “Boy, you are on a moral vanity trip like I have never seen. Has it occurred to you that every rich, famous, fashionable person in America agrees with you? You’re taking no risk at all.”

You won’t see Trump or conservatives forcing this hater to do business with them either, like Obama did with Christian bakers and florists. We’ll just go find someone else to handle that type of business… Lord knows there are enough SEO types out there. As for being morally tainted… that shoe fits nicely on the other foot, you idiot.

This guy is saying that President Trump is fascist. Again, hasn’t done anything yet. This kind of crap is going to go on for the next four years. Every minor insult, every perceived butt hurt is going to be blown entirely out of proportion and the Left will scream incessantly about it. Enough already… go off and huddle together. You can yak among yourselves about how Trump is Hitler and that the country is going to hell because of Christians. The irony is not lost on the rest of us. This guy refusing to do business with Trump supporters is like someone forgetting to invite you to an affair you wouldn’t be caught dead at. Because tantrum throwing asshats are there like this one.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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