U.S. Imprisoned Sailor Has Asked Trump For PARDON, Has Good Reason Why – HILLARY

U.S. Imprisoned Sailor Has Asked Trump For PARDON, Has Good Reason Why – HILLARY

Kristian Saucier was convicted in the Navy of mishandling classified information. He took six pictures of his work station on his smart phone… his work station happens to be located in a nuclear submarine. For his transgressions, he was sentenced to one year in prison, followed by home arrest and a three-year period of supervised release. He is now asking President-elect Donald Trump for a pardon because Hillary Clinton got away with much worse.

First off, Hillary Clinton should be in prison for many reasons… but one of the biggest reasons is her repeated violation of the Espionage Act. Having said that, it does not excuse this sailor’s actions. He knew what he was doing was wrong and whether he was a spy or not, what he did was indeed considered an act of espionage. Fail. It is my sincerest hope that Trump will not pardon this man. I know it sounds harsh, but the military has rules for a reason. You can’t just start pardoning military personnel because the government and intelligence agencies screwed the pooch over Hillary Clinton.

The investigation began in 2012 when a waste station supervisor in Hampton, Connecticut, found Saucier’s cellphone with the submarine photos on top of a pile of demolition trash and showed it to his friend, a retired Navy chief who then brought the phone to NCIS, according to court documents. Part of the reason Saucier may have been treated so aggressively is the way he handled being found out – he initially denied he’d taken any pictures (he lied) and then he destroyed his laptop computer, a camera and a memory card after an interview with the FBI in 2012. That’s pretty damning folks.


From the Conservative Tribune:

A former Navy submariner who was sentenced to prison time for taking photographs of classified engine compartments has filed paperwork for a presidential pardon, arguing that he was a scapegoat, and he had one word to explain why.

That one word: “Hillary.”

Kristian Saucier, a former machinist on the submarine USS Alexandria, invoked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in his request for a pardon, claiming that he was treated too harshly.

The Washington Times reported that Saucier’s request was filed Monday with the Justice Department’s office of the pardon attorney. With paperwork filed, an investigation will follow.

In August, Saucier pleaded guilty to charges relating to six pictures of classified areas he took on his cellphone on the submarine. However, he believed his sentence of one year in prison followed by home arrest and a three-year period of supervised release was a bit severe.

In documents provided by his attorney, Saucier claimed federal prosecutors and investigators were more aggressive with him because of the atmosphere surrounding the Hillary Clinton email scandal, according to the Navy Times.

I do not understand the willing moral equivalency by some conservatives here. There is no arguing that what this sailor did was wrong. And per legal guidelines, I am sure JAG did their duty here and his sentence is just. Get a grip people. Next up is pardoning foreign spies because America was too mean to them. Geez. If you do the crime, be willing to do the time… especially in the military.

While aboard the U.S.S. Alexandria, a nuclear attack submarine, the former Machinist’s Mate took six photos in classified areas of the vessel, claiming that he simply wanted to “show his family and future children what he did while he was in the Navy.” But he knew that violated regulations and did it anyway. Maybe he is just stupid or maybe he figured no one would ever find out, but that does not make it any less egregious of a violation.

Back in October, Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, seemed to allude to Saucier’s plight during the Vice Presidential debate with Senator Tim Kaine:

“If your son or my son handled classified information the way Hillary Clinton did, they’d be court-martialed,” Pence said to Kaine.

True and I agree with what Pence said, but I think the Vice President-elect would agree with me when I say that two wrongs here, definitely do not make a right.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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