UH OH: Look at Who Might Run for President in 2020…

UH OH: Look at Who Might Run for President in 2020…

I have heard of a number of Democrats lining up to run in 2020. None of them are a surprise to me. One of the biggest contenders that looks like he is going to throw his hat into the presidency ring is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He just hired two fundraisers from Florida to help him add to his huge election war chest. It looks to be a sign that he is serious about running in 2020… between that and his heated rhetoric against President Trump, it’s not hard to discern his intentions here.

Cuomo is the poster child for the Nanny State and would be as bad, if not worse, than Barack Obama. One of the fundraising consultants he hired worked for Hillary Clinton… his name is Jon Adrabi. He will plan events and schmooze with Democratic donors. Wooing them for big fat checks. Fundraising event tickets will go for $15,000 a piece. These are wealthy Marxist elitists we are talking about and they are gathering their forces for the next election. No wonder Trump is already campaigning. He saw this coming.


From Breitbart:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has hired two fundraisers from Florida, a sign he may be working toward a presidential bid, the New York Post reported.

One of the consultants he hired is former Hillary Clinton fundraiser Jon Adrabi, who “will help plan events and build relationships with Democratic donors in the key swing state.”

“Hiring out-of-state fundraising staff, particularly in a battleground state, opens up money spigots beyond what would normally be available and is a key first step to laying the groundwork for a run,” a Democratic operative told the Post.

The source says that Cuomo wants to “hire political consultants with experience outside of New York.”

Cuomo is planning several fundraisers next month to add to the $22 million he already has. One of those events includes “a dinner at the St. Regis where tickets cost $15,000 per person,” and “sources say a South Florida event is also in the works.”

Cuomo has become very vocal about issues in the Trump administration, further “expanding his national profile.”

What is Cuomo’s defining issue? Hold on to your seats… transgender bathrooms. That’s right. He not only wants open borders, he wants open bathrooms. Don’t laugh… Cuomo is serious and he is very dangerous. However, I don’t think he would stand much of a chance against President Trump. The left is desperate and they are running short on viable candidates. So, you get someone like Cuomo… a respectable Marxist.

Cuomo announced a plan to fight antisemitism and hate crimes, spoke out against Trump’s executive order on immigration and vowed to protect transgender students in New York after the Trump administration repealed guidelines allowing students to use the bathroom of their preferred gender identity. He’ll run on every leftist talking point out there… but Americans are pretty fed up with this crap. It may fly on the east and the west coasts, but middle America wants jobs, sovereignty, security and normalcy. The Dems fail on each of those points.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP

Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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