UNBELIEVABLE: Obama’s White House Makes Ludicrous Claim to Try and Discredit Trump

UNBELIEVABLE: Obama’s White House Makes Ludicrous Claim to Try and Discredit Trump

This is just absurd. Now Obama and the left are saying that President-elect Donald Trump called on Russia to hack Clinton and the DNC. I’m no fan of Russia by any means… but come on! Trump did not collude with Putin to hack the Dems. That’s just beyond ridiculous and shows how desperate Obama, Clinton, the Democrats and Obama’s spokeshole, Josh Earnest, are. Talk about a conspiracy theory. Russia has been trying to spy on and infiltrate America forever. They did not wait for Trump to call on them.

If you want to know what fake news is… this is it right here. Totally made up bull crap to smear Donald Trump. It will have the opposite effect, you idiots. McConnell and Ryan are going after Russia… but not because of Trump. I’m going to say it again… the Russians had nothing to do with and did not hack the actual vote. Americans elected Trump, not Russia… and they did so because they despise Hillary Clinton and her Marxist policies. This needs to stop.


From ZeroHedge:

The farcical non-factual news continues with White House press secretary Josh Earnest “rejects in any way that the US would create any false flag operation” and proclaims that “consensus” views and “unanimous obvious facts” are that Trump called on Russia to hack Clinton…


Congress has “special responsibility” to probe claims of Russia using hackers to influence election in Donald Trump’s favor, White House spokesman Josh Earnest says in press briefing.

“It was the president elect who hired a campaign chairman with extensive, lucrative campaign ties to Russia,” Earnest says. It “was the president-elect who has a national security adviser on the campaign who was a paid adviser to RT, the Russian propaganda network”

I don’t like how cozy Trump and some of his cabinet are with Russia. But let’s look at this honestly… Hillary Clinton profited far more off of deals with Russia over Uranium. And let’s not forget that she made a killing in Russia by helping to set up their version of Silicon Valley. The on-going cyberwar with Russia is something Clinton facilitated and helped grow… not Trump. So, if there is blame here, why don’t we look at Clinton as well?

The Clinton Foundation took a lot of money from the Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians… all are stone cold enemies of the US. Yes, Trump does business with at least China and to some extent Russia and I am not excusing him. But whereas his dealings are on a business level, Clinton’s were on a corrupt, money laundering level. By all means, investigate and go after the Russians. They are not our friends. But to insinuate that Trump actively worked with them to get himself elected is delusional and a fabricated lie to discredit President-elect Donald Trump. It won’t work and will just discredit the Democrats even further.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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