VIDEO: Black Lives Matter thug threatens to kill Donald Trump and his family

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter thug threatens to kill Donald Trump and his family

I hope that Trump has extra security around himself and his family including the Secret Service. This video shows a brain dead Black Lives Matter thug threatening to kill Donald Trump, his wife and his daughter. He says he’s ready and willing to kill them and do the time for it. I think his slang for 20 bands probably refers to payment. Who knows? I actually take these murderous racists seriously. I may not support Donald Trump, but I want him and his family kept safe from these racist barbarians. Mark Dice turned the video he found over to the Secret Service who is sure to be paying this gangsta a visit very shortly. He’ll do the time without executing the primary crime.


From Fire Andrea Mitchell!:

Remember when Obama invited Black Lives Matter thugs and scums to the White House? Now, Black Lives Matter thugs are threatening to kill Donald Trump (again) and his daughter Ivanka Trump. Melania Trump is also threatened by black lives matter thug.

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Have you heard about this black lives matter thug threatening to kill the Trump family? Of course not. BTW, this video was posted a few days ago. What’s taking the Secret Service so long to track down and arrested this black thug?

Funny, I haven’t seen this on the news. You’d think it would be everywhere. I’m sure the Black Lives Matter movement would love to off The Donald. They are comprised of commie, radical racists who are extremely violent. This guy in this video is sooo very stupid, he doesn’t realize it won’t take much for them to find him and arrest him for threatening Trump’s life. He shows just enough of his face for facial recognition software to nail him. I’m sure this makes him feel like a big time hood, but it just makes him look as moronic as he really is. Still waiting to hear that the feds have nailed the guy. But then again, with Obama in charge, the guy may just get a pass.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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