VIDEO: Senior Citizen Destroys Anti-Trump Protesters

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 13, 2017 2:08 pm

I don’t know where this took place[1], but it is priceless. A bunch of airhead snowflakes are outside chanting, “F**k Trump!, F**k Trump!, F**k Trump!, F**k Trump!, F**k Trump!” That’s mental depth for you right there. An elderly woman, with a walker and a fur coat no less, nailed them. Her quote was, “That’s the best you can do? Really?” Fade to ‘it’s great to be a gangsta’ from Office Space. That was awesome.

This comes from the America First Project’s Facebook page which I just ‘liked’. Nice. The idiots didn’t even know how to answer the woman. I guess they exhausted their vocabulary with their Mensa chant. Man, if this is representative of millennials, we are in serious dog poop. This group looks to have a combined IQ of about 15. Just sayin’.


From YouTube[3]:

I think the video is awesome… I could watch it all day. There is no shortage of protests these days across the country against President Trump. Most of them don’t even know what he stands for. They are just protesting to protest because it looks cool. These numb nuts have no concept of how much trouble this country is in because of liberals. Or how Trump is trying to undo the massive damage left in Obama’s wake. They are clueless and are being useful idiots for elitists who are jerking them around like the puppets they are. Remember, many of them were Bernie Sanders supporters. They simply love communism.

‘Trump haters get punked by senior citizen’, according to the Facebook page and that is a great description of what happened. You have to wonder if any of these people realize how moronic they look. Good for this lady… I’m glad someone pointed out the lameness of these trolls. It makes you wonder about the quality of the American gene pool.

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