This Video of Trump Protesters is the Most ABSURD Yet

This Video of Trump Protesters is the Most ABSURD Yet

It’s way too early for my eyes to bleed, but here we are. Ugh. Citizen journalist Austen Fletcher went to President Trump’s Hollywood star to protect it from poop and pee delivered by animal activists. People who give ‘here’s your sign!’ a whole new meaning. They claim that Trump does not support animal or human rights. What a load of puppy dump. Fletcher interviewed all kinds of weirdos who were there walking about. One young woman was asked if she was a socialist… nope, she’s an ardent communist who thinks it kind of worked in the US in the day. SMH. I’ve worked in Hollywood… I’m not sure how I survived as a conservative.

Fletcher saw on Facebook that these loons intended to defecate on Trump’s star, so he was determined to protect it and maybe get hilarious input from brain damaged leftists in the process. He was not disappointed. A number of Trump supporters joined him. These activists are unhinged and certifiable. They are anti-Trump, anti-gun whackados. Gee, the woman complaining about trophy hunting must be racist. She must hate Africans, because banning hunting there is killing whole villages and their livelihoods. Those animals still have to be hunted and thinned out, but now Africans get to starve in the process. So much for empathy for her fellow human beings. Hypocrite.


From Young Conservatives:

Citizen journalist Austen Fletcher, @Fleccas, ventured out to where President Donald Trump has his star on the sidewalk in Hollywood.

Fletcher, who has done several hilarious videos showing the insanity of liberal protesters, heard that protesters were intending to defecate on the star.

So he came out to interview them, accompanied by a phalanx of Trump supporters.

Warning not for language, but for liberal incoherency:

They were animal rights protesters, but they didn’t seem to be quite clear on why they thought Trump was an animal abuser. One said “he made it so people couldn’t look up animal abusers.” Huh what? One offered that Trump’s sons were hunters, another said that his wife wore fur and a third said how can you trust him if he doesn’t have a dog?

“Human rights are animal rights. Human beings are animals. If you fight for human rights without fighting for animal rights, you’re a species-ist,” one said.

And really? You can’t trust Trump because he doesn’t own a dog? Screw that. I own two cats, but I love dogs and I’m pretty sure Trump does too. Lame. I really, really hope these people don’t breed. They are muddying the gene pool with moron genes. One twit said she hates Trump because he’s an evil dictator. When asked what makes him one, she said because he’s a capitalist. Ah… yet another communist. Seems to be a trend in Hollywood. When she was asked isn’t it good that illegal immigration has gone down under Trump, she says, “Yeah, if you look at it that way, but I don’t follow politics.” No kidding.

And here is the very best part of this whole lunacy: “Don’t you care about the poop running into houses because of the pig run-off from slaughterhouses?” Uh no. Because that isn’t something that is prevalent or even real. Other than being stone stupid, the traits shared by most of these leftists include being idiots, communists and that they didn’t vote. They are a prime example of why the left always fails in the end. Evil is inherently stupid… I give you Hollywood.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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