VIDEO When liberal thugs attacked Trump supporter, Stick Man SMASHED THEM

VIDEO When liberal thugs attacked Trump supporter, Stick Man SMASHED THEM

I cringe watching violence go down in our streets, but there comes a point where you have to stand up for those with you against violent thugs. Behold, the Stick Man! As Antifa goons were beating Trump supporters, this masked man stepped up and clobbered them with a stick. Then another helpful fellow sprays them with pepper spray. Nice dance guys. Stick Man will be watching. I bet others around him cheered.

The videos below are entertaining in a satisfying form of reprisal. Unfortunately, this took place in Berkeley. So, the Antifa thugs walked and the police arrested Stick Man for the following crimes:


Evidently, no good deed ever goes unpunished in radicalized California. Stick Man was defending those being pounded on by anarchists and for that good deed, they sent him straight to jail, do not pass ‘Go’, do not collect anything. What a joke justice is in California anymore.


From Zero Hedge:

It’s always darkest before the dawn. During Saturday’s pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, CA, antifags attended and started to rabble rouse — spraying old men in the face with pepper spray, acting like reprobate vagabonds — deserving of the stick.

Then out of nowhere, like the Phoenix rising out from the ash, a superhero appeared — smashing antifags in the heads for sport and pleasure — casting them back into their pits of hell.

BEHOLD, the Stick Man.

And here’s another video of his greatness — this time slowed down for dramatic effect.

Heretofore, let this be a lesson to you leftarded anarchists out there trying to spoil all of the fun: stick man is out there, watching you, waiting to bash your brains in with his glorious stick.


In Berkeley, an elderly Trump supporter and a homeless advocate were attacked:

That elderly guy was really hurt by the way. Does anyone blame people for fighting back at some point? Antifa is full of violent, communist, anarchist radicals. They destroy businesses and property. They hurt innocent people. It should not be a crime to outwardly support President Trump. Counter protesters like Stick Man will become a sort of folk hero out there. I would much rather the police do their jobs and stop all this. At least the videos are fun to watch, the violence… not so much.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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