The View invites Omarosa, IMMEDIATELY regrets the decision [VIDEO]

When The View invites a Trump supporter on, you know there is going to be bloodshed. The best part? It’s never the guest who leaves the stage nursing their wounded egos.

So, when Omarosa was invited to grace the stage, you can imagine what kind of carnage took place. If you don’t want to imagine, however, you can always watch the video below.


From The Daily Caller:

Omarosa Manigault told the ladies on “The View” Friday that Americans “have problems that we have to address” after they wanted to re-litigate issues from the election.

The president’s director of communication for the Office of Public Liaison said Trump is “about delivering and being productive and we have already seen from his first week that he is going to do exactly what he said he’s going to do,” when the co-hosts brought up issues from the election like Trump not releasing his tax returns and whether Hillary Clinton was the real winner of the election.

Naturally, the rest of us know that releasing your tax returns is not one of the Constitutional requirements of being a President. Likewise, those of us who took a basic civics class in high school are aware that the winner of a Presidential election is not decided by mob rule (Democracy), but instead by electoral votes which give people in smaller, more rural states, a voice equal to those in states like California or New York.

That didn’t stop the women of The View from asking, though, and it certainly didn’t stop Omarosa from setting them straight.

Watch the video below:

I absolutely love how Omarosa handled herself with absolute grace and poise and didn’t allow herself to be dragged into a screaming match with women who just want to tear her down because of her boss.

Trump made a great choice bringing her into the fold.

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