WATCH: USA! USA! Trump Talks Jobs for CHEERING Boeing Workers! [VIDEO]

WATCH: USA! USA! Trump Talks Jobs for CHEERING Boeing Workers! [VIDEO]

It’s crazy out there, or so the media makes it appear that it is. With the protesters out there protesting anything and everything under the sun without proof, facts or reason… all because they think they are on a battlefield for social justice, you would think that ‘stupid’ has completely taken over and there are very little people left with their ‘common sense’ in tact.

But…there is.

The images and frightening words used by the media are all a ploy to make everyone think both here in America and outside of America that our nation is losing its mind and our President doesn’t know what he’s doing. However, that simply isn’t the case.

It’s just that…dumb people are louder and more obnoxious. By dumb, I mean stupid, and by stupid, I mean the people that see the truth but still choose to believe the lies.

Yes…that special kind of stupid.

Well, here’s a video that shows us that the silent bunch who tend to be too busy working or creating progression for themselves or their families are actually far more of the majority than it appears to be through the media’s lens.

Check out this video and you will see for yourself that there are plenty of Americans who support Trump and what he is doing in the White House. Most of them have also already been able to benefit from Trump being in the White House…and that is a great sign!


Don’t fret. The left wants us to believe their ‘stupid’ is taking over. It isn’t… they are just lucky we haven’t shown up to the frontline to show them what we got.

We know it’s a waste of time to engage with stupid… it just drags you down to their level and beats you with experience.

We’re far too intelligent for that.

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