Well Spoken Black Teen Trump Supporter SHUTS DOWN Black Lives Matter Protester On Racism [VIDEO]

Well Spoken Black Teen Trump Supporter SHUTS DOWN Black Lives Matter Protester On Racism [VIDEO]

A Black Lives Matter protester confronted several teenage Donald Trump supporters in Atlanta, Georgia. He got in their faces, especially the young black Trump supporter. You have to give it to the kid, he stood his ground and shut the guy down. The BLM guy had Trump’s stance totally wrong – they were classic leftist talking points. But the teenagers didn’t seem to have the correct facts on Trump either. Yes, he wants to deport illegal aliens, but he also wants to stop Muslims from coming in until their backgrounds can be thoroughly vetted. Both are stances I support… I don’t believe Trump will keep his word on what he has promised, but they are both stances that are correct.


From The Real Strategy:

An epic confrontation takes place outside Trump rally in Atlanta, Georgia

Group of teenagers in Atlanta, Georgia are confronted by a Black Lives Matter supporter.

Young Trump supporters armed with facts debate with an uneducated, frantic protester.

I don’t believe Trump is racist. I believe Trump is in it for Trump and he has no regard for the Constitution. Having said that, the people confronting these teens are just morons. They are regurgitating what they have been brainwashed with. I personally don’t remember him ever saying that blacks should go back to Africa. And these kids do have the immigration issue down pat. What I don’t like is the insults flying on both sides. Notice how the media was right there eating this up like a reality show. That’s what this race has turned into. People have a right to their own opinions, but you don’t have the right to get in people’s faces and insult them. I may not support Trump, but these kids have every right to support who they want. What a circus this is.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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