‘We will not be Trumped’: Sharpton Starts Up ANOTHER Protest Over Sessions… [VIDEO]

‘We will not be Trumped’: Sharpton Starts Up ANOTHER Protest Over Sessions… [VIDEO]

Al Sharpton is like that uber annoying pink monstrosity… the Energizer Bunny (and I HATE that bunny)… he just keeps going and going and going. He never freaking shuts up with the hate mongering and race baiting. He has laser focused on Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump and is intent on stirring up as much crap and dissent as he can. He is having protesters occupy senators’ offices and is urging them to block the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general. His chant is incredibly lame: “We will not be Trumped.”

Sharpton is marching in DC this weekend for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. He’s using his megaphone to call others to obstruct President-elect Donald Trump and his agenda. He actually had the nerve to issue a warning to Republicans, accusing them of targeting African American voting rights and telling them that an election defeat in 2016 was not tantamount to overturning the progress the civil rights movement has made. Their so-called ‘progress’ has nothing to do with civil rights and everything to do with outright Marxism.


From The Washington Examiner:

Rev. Al Sharpton called for an occupation of senators’ offices to call on them to block Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Session from becoming President-elect Trump’s attorney general, chanting “We will not be Trumped.”

Sharpton, speaking at a march in Washington organized by his National Action Network, called on his supporters to take action to stymie Trump’s agenda.

“We’ve come not to appeal to Donald trump, because he’s made it clear what his policies are and what his nominations are,” he said. “We come to say to the Democrats in the Senate and in the House, and to the moderate Republicans, to get some backbone and get some guts.”

“We didn’t send you down here to be weak-kneed and to get in the room and try and make friends. We sent you down here to stand up.”

Sharpton resurrected the warning Coretta Scott King, wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., sent about Sessions’ nomination to the federal bench in the 1980s, which he lost due to past accusations of racism. Sharpton said it’s time to honor Coretta Scott King by fighting hard against Sessions. Let’s get something crystal clear here… Jeff Sessions is not a racist. He has actually seen to it that KKK members were convicted. He is a good and honorable man. The reason Sharpton and these asshats fear him is because Sessions will reinstate the rule of law and adhere to the Constitution. These leftists wet themselves every time they think of that. Which means that Sessions is exactly the attorney general we need.

“We owe it to her to have a roll call on those that would put him in the Justice Department,” Sharpton said. “We want the world to see if you sell us out, we’re going to let everybody know who you are.” That sounds like a threat to me. Well Al, we certainly know who you are… you have disgraced the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. over and over. You are a lying, corrupt, scam artist… in other words, you are a criminal dirt bag. I guess Sharpton had an impressive turnout to hear his spewage of hate. That’s a sad statement right there.

Jeff Sessions will become our next attorney general and they can’t stop him. Then the likes of corruptocrats such as Al Sharpton will get some quality time themselves with the Department of Justice. It’s long past due and Sessions is absolutely fearless. Sharpton’s days of profiting off the grief of others is about to end. It can’t be soon enough.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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