WOW! Look What Congress Is Allowing Trump To Do On DAY 1 – Without Their Approval!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 15, 2016 3:22 pm

Oh, I hope this comes true![1] Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and other conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus are compiling a list of 200 regulations that President-elect Donald Trump can nix on day one of his Presidency. Talk about sticking it to Obama. It’s a good start as Trump will need to eradicate thousands of regulations that our Marxist-in-Chief implemented. The proposed list of regulations don’t need approval from Congress to be negated either as far as I understand it.

Naturally, CNN is already crying foul, claiming that Trump doing away with the regulations is hypocritical because the right attacked Obama for it. “We’re not suggesting overreach because that would be hypocrisy in the first degree,” Meadows agreed. “We’re looking at the overreach we’ve seen in the last eight years and rolling that back.” One example he provided was how the FDA faces regulations on the size of breath mints – a ridiculous requirement which bogs down the regulatory process. But you can bet this is just the beginning and with a Republican Congress fully in charge, Trump will have support enough to massively cut the massive number of regulations down to size.


From Young Conservatives:

The era of President Obama’s big government ideology is over.

At least, it sure looks that way based on Trump’s cabinet picks and reports we have seen about cutting red tape.

There are thousands of regulations that Trump will be able to cut during his presidency.

It looks like the House Freedom Caucus agrees with that analysis and has already gotten to work providing Trump with 200 regulations he can get rid of on day one.

Cortney O’Brien has more…

From Townhall[3]:

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who once considered challenging Rep. Paul Ryan for the House speakership, told CNN Wednesday morning that he and the other conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus are handing President-elect Donald Trump a 21-page report outlining 200 regulations he can eliminate.

This book of superfluous regulations, Meadows acknowledged, will include opportunities for the president to get rid of regulations without congressional approval.

It sounds to me like Trump intends to keep his word to cut two regulations for every one passed. If he does this, his first 100 days are going to be truly historic and productive. Many of the regulations that Obama signed into being are ridiculous and can be wiped away with the stroke of the pen. There’s a lot of housekeeping that needs to be done. It’s good to hear that Trump’s team is on top of it.

Serious change is coming to DC after eight long years of horrific abuse. Americans can’t wait… no torches and pitchforks necessary. It’s been a long time coming and there is a massive mountain of work to be done, but maybe… just maybe, we can start putting our country on the right path again.



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