YES! Another Obama Holdover In Homeland Security BITES THE DUST!

YES! Another Obama Holdover In Homeland Security BITES THE DUST!

The current acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Lori Scialabba, is about to be gone… good freaking riddance. This is a woman who openly defied President Trump’s refugee freeze when it was announced. Her name then appeared on a list compiled by Breitbart News entitled, “8 More Obama Bureaucrats Trump Can Fire or Remove at Homeland Security.” She formally announced her ‘retirement’ on March 7th.

Scialabba has been working for the federal government since 1985, when she took a job with the Department of Justice. She has been working in immigration-related offices within the government ever since. She is the perfect example of what is wrong in government. She’s pro-open borders and wants virtually no controls on illegal immigration. She should have never headed up the USCIS. Hopefully, someone competent, who is willing to follow the rule of law and orders from President Trump will soon take her place.


From the Independent Review Journal:

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Lori Scialabba is currently the acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She has been with the USCIS since 2007, and has been the acting director before — from December of 2013 to July of 2014.

Scialabba stepped up as acting director on Inauguration Day, but openly defied President Trump shortly thereafter.

The Intercept reported:

LESS THAN ONE week after senior leadership at the Department of Homeland Security issued a policy guidance that threatened to bring much of the government’s asylum and refugee work to a grinding halt, a new directive issued to employees appears to reverse key elements of the procedures U.S. immigration officials are expected to follow. The contradictory directives came as government agencies struggled to interpret and implement the Trump administration’s travel ban targeting seven Muslim-majority countries — a broad and ambiguous order that is already facing legal challenges in several federal courts across the country.

According to an internal memo issued Thursday by Lori Scialabba, the acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the portion of Trump’s controversial ban pertaining to the issuance of visas and other benefits to immigrants from the targeted countries “does not affect USCIS adjudication of applications and petitions filed for or on behalf of individuals in the United States regardless of their country or nationality.”

When Scialabba openly defied President Trump, that should have been grounds for immediate termination. It should not have taken this long. “One week after President Donald Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by curbing the arrival of refugees from several Muslim-majority countries, a senior bureaucrat at the Department of Homeland Security countermanded his presidential directive,” Breitbart News reported on February 22nd. “I would bet that Scialabba will be joining a law team that will be filing lawsuits against Trump,” a source within the Department of Homeland Security tells Breitbart News.

Here are the other seven who need to go asap:

  • David Grannis, Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Tracy Renaud, Acting Deputy Director, Management Directorate, USCIS, DHS
  • Daniel Renaud, Associate Director, Field Operations Directorate, USCIS, DHS
  • Joanna Ruppel, Acting Associate Director, Refugee, Asylum and International Operations, USCIS, DHS
  • Mark Borkowski, Assistant Commissioner for Technology Innovation and Acquisition, Customs and Border Patrol, DHS
  • Seth M. Stodder, Assistant Secretary for Border, Immigration and Trade Policy, Office of Policy, Department of Homeland Security
  • Mary E. Giovagnoli, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Border, Immigration and Trade Policy, Department of Homeland Security


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