YES! ANTIFA Thug Tries To BURN American Flag, Then Trump Biker Steps Up… [WATCH]

YES! ANTIFA Thug Tries To BURN American Flag, Then Trump Biker Steps Up… [WATCH]

In Oregon, Trump supporters organized a peaceful rally. But Antifa showed up and of course it was anything BUT peaceful. Confrontations bloomed and the Antifa fascist thugs started snatching cell phones from conservatives at the rally. The police told Antifa to leave. As they were marching off, there was one notable incident where some transgender started to burn a small American flag. A Biker for Trump saw it and walked up and took the flag away. Profanity ensued from the Antifa freaks, but the Bikers for Trump did not lose their cool. They marched with these asshats until they were sure they weren’t coming back. Those that weren’t men pretending to be women, were dressed in black and covering their faces. Cowards.

The Antifa participants are really the dregs of society. Unemployed, agitated, confused on sexuality and hating everything and everyone around them, this is how they get their kicks. Decrying fascists when the ironic thing is the real fascists are Antifa themselves. They play with what they think is anarchism and hide their faces because they are terrified of being identified. They attract every freak, miscreant and outcast that society has to offer and they hate the very freedoms they employ. More useful idiots.

From the Conservatives Tribune:

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“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” That line about one of film’s most famous anarchist villains could also be used to describe the radical “antifa” group — at least if its obsession with burning the American flag is any indication.

Over the weekend, conservatives and free speech advocates organized a peaceful parade in Oregon. When the militant leftist antifa types got wind of march, however, they reportedly began assaulting Trump supporters and snatched phones from the hands of rally participants.

One of the most heated incidents happened when a male leftist demonstrator dressed as a woman began to burn an American flag while protesters cheered.

However, that disrespectful action caught the attention of nearby bikers — and the whole altercation was caught on camera.

One of the bikers grabbed the still-burning flag from the transgender protester before it could be destroyed. The antifa group exchanged harsh words with the Trump supporters, but it quickly became apparent that their leftist bark was worse than their bite.

To their credit, the large bikers kept cool heads during the incident and stood their ground while socialists wearing masks screamed obscenities.

Antifa has been VERY active in Portland, Oregon. They get their violence on every chance they get there. In the video, it’s true that the transgender person has a right to burn the flag. It’s not against the law… yet. And they didn’t like the fact that the bikers couldn’t tell if it was a he or a she and hurled this witty comeback at them: “It’s a ‘her’ you transphobic piece of sh*t.” These nuts are a very small percentage of the populace, but they are the loudest and get the most attention. I wonder at what point Americans will get fed up and fight back against these freaks.

Antifa reminds me of the Nazis without the testosterone. They are the new book burners and they are against anything good, legal or conservative. To belong, you simply have to be angry, hateful and an outcast. They don’t realize they are pushing a doctrine that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people. While they play at being bad, they have bought into the communist agenda and they are furthering the goals of the Communist Party. They’ll support it until they realize it ends in their deaths and by then it will be far too late. After all, it’s cool… until everyone dies that is.

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